Building a Sustainable Agriculture Strategy for Resilient Global Food Systems – Lessons from 2020

22 Jul 2020 | Event,

The interconnectedness of ESG risks goes hand in hand with trade-offs: something that’s more carbon efficient isn’t necessarily more water efficient, etc. It becomes complicated quickly…especially with both environmental and social topics. So there’s a requirement for any agricultural strategy to be bespoke to your supply chain.

Honor Cowen,
Retail + Consumer Products Lead, Anthesis Group

Virtual Conversation Series | Session 6

The agrifood system has experienced a massive, seismic shock as a result of the COVID pandemic. On the supply side, we’ve seen factory farm outbreaks causing labour shortages, closed borders and food availability issues. On the demand side we’ve seen a story of two halves: both consumer stockpiling and record demand from food banks, while food service demand dried up, leaving milk to be poured down the drain and vegetables left to be ploughed back into fields. The pandemic has exposed weak links in supply chains, has illustrated the overlap of social and environmental challenges in food systems and the imperative to work on both types of issues side-by-side.