We help organizations reach their energy, carbon and cost reduction goals

The situation

The way organizations produce, consume and manage their energy is rapidly changing, driven by concern over energy price volatility, climate change and technological advancement.

From renewable energy generation and storage, to smart systems that control how demand is managed, a revolution is happening and forward-thinking organizations are capturing this to improve their performance.

Anthesis Energy Services are designed to provide end-to-end solutions for reducing, managing, de-risking and decarbonizing the energy that is used by organizations and their supply chains.

Whether it is about improving commercial performance, reducing risks associated with rising energy costs and compliance, unlocking new revenue streams, upgrading systems, or demonstrating a forward thinking approach to the future of energy, the opportunity to businesses regardless of size or sector is significant.

Our Approach: Analyse, Advize, Apply

Our consultants, engineers and project managers provide a suite of services that can be provided either as a full package from concept to design and build, or as discrete components. We combine big data, with technology and finance, to deliver solutions that are people-centred.

Analyse, advise, apply diagram

Energy Services

From strategy and reporting, to design, financing, installation and reinvestment, Anthesis is uniquely placed to deliver end-to-end energy services to maximize returns on investment and commercial performance, minimize risk, and unlock new revenue for your business.


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Accreditations and Memberships

We are members of many professional organizations and trade bodies relating to energy and carbon management and accredited by numerous complementary associations in support of our high standards. We follow best practice protocols in the delivery of services to clients, including the highest standards of health and safety.