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Driving the Future of Energy Sustainability


Consumers and governments are pushing companies to dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and many leading organisations have now committed to reaching Net Zero emissions by 2030.

In the race to Net Zero, sustainable energy is a crucial component for business and society to achieve emissions goals. 29% of the world’s energy is used in commercial and residential buildings. Much of that is wasted through poor insulation, systems that don’t take account of real-world usage, and the use of outdated and inefficient heating or cooling technology.

Reducing energy usage is one of the cheapest, most credible, and effective ways that a company can rapidly reduce its emissions. Changing the way you consume and manage your energy can also be an opportunity for your business – saving you money and increasing your energy security. With rising energy prices and the collective shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the incentive has never been clearer or more economically viable than it is now.

Focusing on your energy usage is the most commercially sensible first step on the journey to Net Zero.


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Guide: Managing Energy Crises in Manufacturing

Discover practical steps for manufacturers to manage the energy trilemma; cost, decarbonisation, and security of supply.

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Why Now is the Time to Change the Way you Manage your Energy

  • Energy prices are expected to continue to rise in the next decade – Energy is increasingly often the second largest controllable spend for business today. Geopolitical uncertainty and the cost of decarbonising the world’s energy infrastructure will continue to increase the materiality of energy spend for business consumers.
  • Pressure for companies to make commitments to achieve Net Zero emissions – Investors and consumers are driving organisations to reduce their emissions and publicly report the progress they are making. In addition, governments are expected to introduce more stringent energy efficiency and emissions standards in coming years. Energy is a key part of any organisation’s journey to reduce emissions and reach Net Zero.
  • Pressure on the bottom line – The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use. Many large companies spend millions of dollars per year on energy, making it one of the largest controllable spends. Yet many ignore potential savings that can be made by reducing energy usage.
  • New technologies becoming available – The transformation of the energy market is making new systems, such as battery storage, demand management and on-site renewables, more effective and affordable. Incorporating these into new build and retrofit can protect business against energy market volatility and create new revenue streams.

Net Zero Energy

To achieve Net Zero targets, the world must rapidly decarbonise through smarter energy generation, supply and consumption. At Anthesis, we are supporting clients across the world to make the transition to decarbonised, secure and affordable Net Zero energy.

Our team of Chartered Engineers, Energy Managers and Quantity Surveyors can develop tailored capital programmes that support the most credible form of decarbonisation – the energy you stop using. We assess the true cost to business of achieving net zero by evaluating the benefits of capital investment in assets set against trading in carbon market mechanisms. Our analysts and commercial team help clients to assess the commercial risk and opportunity in navigating the path to net zero.

Our Energy Partnerships


How We Do It


Phase 1

We analyse your portfolio and identify opportunities to save energy. This can range from portfolio stock modelling to detailed building and system analytics. We work to understand your organisation and stakeholders, so we can provide you with a powerful data to create a persuasive business case that is fully aligned with your corporate objectives.

Phase 2

We evaluate all the technical solutions on the market and recommend what will work for your portfolio and budget. Our chartered engineers draw up detailed technical plans that fit with your commercial objectives. We provide a fully costed plan with a route map that prioritises what measures should be implemented in what order. We also advise on how your can finance the project.

Phase 3

We manage the installation process, including quantity surveying, integrated design and construction project management, to ensure everything is done in a cost-effective manner. We provide contract management and quality assurance to ensure that sub-contractors are meeting our highest standards. We quantify and verify the real-world carbon and financial savings you have made, so that you can report back to your investors and customers on your progress.

Global Energy Services

Our energy services are designed to overcome the barriers facing our clients and provide investment-ready solutions that meet their business objectives.

We can manage the entire process, from identifying the challenges and designing bespoke solutions, and unlike other consultants, our experienced team oversee the installation on the ground to ensure our clients are realising the projected "real-world" savings.

Industrial Energy Decarbonisation

Anthesis provides independent support across public and private sectors, working in partnership with Chief Sustainability Officers and environment and energy teams to develop and implement strategies to decarbonise industrial processes.

Find out more about our Industrial Decarbonisation services

Energy Management & Compliance

Well run energy management practices reduce the need for expensive technology or offsets to meet your Net Zero targets. We help clients reduce their emissions by better managing their energy consumption and boosting their energy performance. As part of our energy management services, we measure how your buildings are being used on a day-to-day basis and provide you with that usage data so that you can recalibrate how you heat, light and power your buildings. We conduct our work to externally validated standards, such as ISO 50001.

Find out more about our Outsourced Energy Management services

Zero Carbon Heat & Power

Zero Carbon Heat

Our specialist low carbon heat engineers help clients reduce their emissions produced from heating their buildings or in the optimisation and capturing of process heat.  Anthesis can support clients from the identification of the amount of heat that you lose through the fabric of your buildings to implementing strategies to replace and control heat technology.

Zero Carbon Power

Through our deep engineering and energy advisory capabilities, we help clients to reduce their emissions from electricity consumption. Our support ranges from analysing ways to introduce greener technology and smarter ways to control electricity to reduce electricity consumption to producing energy onsite to reduce waste and protect against price rises. For additional energy demand, we can also support with reviewing green energy contracts and battery storage.

Find out more about our Zero Carbon Heat & Power services

Low Carbon Development

We help developers to understand their carbon footprint and reduce their emissions throughout the design and construction of new building developments.

We can also advise on green building design, including responsible sourcing of materials and products from third parties, and on low or zero-carbon energy and heating systems for use within new developments.

Procuring Renewable Energy

We support clients to procure renewable energy with expertise in all phases of the procurement process whether for renewable energy certificate purchases, green tariffs, on-site PPAs, or virtual PPAs.

Our partnership with LevelTen allows us to provide extensive marketplace insight and transparency on VPPAs. This is coupled with Anthesis’ best-in-class analytics and assessment of the value and likelihood that the project will be built to enable each buyer to identify the highest value, lowest-risk project(s) for their needs.

Find out more about our renewable energy procurement services

Due diligence is a critical feature of any asset acquisition and Anthesis provides a complete range of highly effective due diligence services to provide you with the accurate information you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Discover our technical due diligence services

Podcast Episode 26
Decarbonising our Energy Systems to deliver Environmental & Socio-economic Impact

Listen is as Ben Lynch, Energy Systems Director, and Agneta Persson, Managing Director of Anthesis Sweden, discuss the transformational change required to shift the energy industry into new renewable business models to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in the next 10 years.

Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Ep. 26 Decarbonising our Energy Systems to deliver environmental and socioeconomic impact


We have worked with Anthesis to complete a national rollout installation of an energy-saving additive across the bank portfolio. The project has been an excellent success and professionally managed throughout, with significant energy savings achieved. We would have no hesitation in recommending Anthesis to other people and we are currently exploring the potential to now follow up with a worldwide rollout at other bank locations.

Zeynep Karakaya
Regional Energy & Sustainability Manager, JLL


We were impressed with the support and expertise that Anthesis provided and are delighted at the outcomes of the project. We’ve already reduced carbon emissions at the playground by more than five tonnes a year, which will have a significant impact, and we’ve seen real enthusiasm within the local community to learn more about climate change and how everyone can make a difference.

Janine Crockett
Head of Property Sustainability, Sanctuary


Working with Anthesis gave us the opportunity to focus on more than just the obvious, large scale energy opportunities and bring in a high level of technical expertise that we simply didn’t have in house. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Anthesis and look forward to continuing to work with them on bringing our buildings up to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.

James Tiernan
Energy Manager, Unite Students


Anthesis have provided practical and sound assistance, support and advice to deliver real-world technical solutions from inception to completion.

Tim Ingram
Property Improvement Manager, Housing & Care 21

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Anthesis supports Energy Clients across the Public and Private Sector

Anthesis works with both public and private institutions to develop cutting-edge energy sustainability solutions.

Private Sector

The private sector has a leading role to play in driving the energy transition. With consumer and government pressure on companies to dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, it is essential that businesses tackle energy use. By reducing energy consumption, companies can also benefit from reduced risk, cost savings and increased energy security and resilience.

Public Sector

Anthesis supports public sector bodies to deliver the benefits of reducing carbon emissions: warmer homes, cleaner air, healthier populations, a resilient economy, and a stable climate. We work with governments and local authorities to deliver new research, innovative programmes and effective schemes that align with energy saving policies and ambitions.

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