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Episode 21: Making Sustainability Happen in the Decisive Decade

May 21, 2021 | Podcast,

Read CEO, Stuart McLachlan’s thought leadership piece on activation and regeneration for a sustainable world

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Following Anthesis’ recent commitments to help accelerate sustainable performance across the globe, including becoming a certified B Corp and partnering with Investment firm Palatine, Chris Peterson hosts an inspiring episode with some of our Anthesis leaders who share their thoughts and insights on the huge shift they have seen in the sustainability agenda and why the world has woken up to the reality of climate change.

Anthesis CEO Stuart McLachlan, along with colleagues Dean Sanders (Activator Strategy Director, UK) and Emma Armstrong (Executive Director, North America), discuss the importance of this pivotal moment that many are calling the Decisive Decade, and how organisations and individuals are making strides to significantly move the dial in a positive direction.

Episode 21: Making Sustainability Happen in the Decisive Decade

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