Sustainability Training that Raises Awareness


More and more organisations are looking to develop training workshops to convey key aspects related to sustainability to their teams.

Unlike other more traditional approaches such as courses or masterclasses, workshops are an active training format that favours the advocacy of the participants and is effective in interfering little in the daily rhythm of work. Nowadays, it is always a good idea to set aside a specific time to stop and be present with other team members as an opportunity for a learning experience.

In 2021, Anthesis Lavola organised almost 20 workshops with more than 300 participants from different organisations. See below for the highlights from some of them:

  • Given the current concern about the evolution of the cost of energy, TRAM decided to hold a workshop on energy efficiency for its office teams. Anthesis organised a session that combined the presentation of an expert to explain the situation of the electricity market, its problems and sustainable solutions, with a final exercise on reflection and joint debate to connect with the reality of the participants.
  • Fuerzas Eléctricas de Andorra (FEDA) organised training sessions on the topic of sustainability for its workers. These were online sessions in which technical explanations on different aspects were combined with group dynamics to gather needs and proposals.
  • The Fundació Privada Sant Pau (responsible for the modernist site located in Barcelona) was interested in raising awareness among its staff about waste management and good environmental practices in the office. A theoretical-practical workshop was designed to identify the main environmental concerns and co-create measures that could be applied in their offices.
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Apart from these examples, Anthesis have also developed a cycle of 7 webinars on ESG and sustainable leadership for MONDRAGON, or different online workshops for Reckitt people.

After years of experience in the education sector, we apply active learning methodologies so that the training courses meet our quality criteria and are characterised by:

  1. Their conciseness, as they last between 1 and 2 hours.
  2. Combine emotion with expert content to awaken the interest of participants and offer valuable information attractively that, in turn, raises awareness.
  3. Promote the participation of the attendees through dynamics or gamified proposals that favour greater retention of the content.
  4. Open and safe spaces for the exchange of opinions, feedback, and co-creation to share realities and points of view on different aspects.
  5. Connection with the reality of the different organisations, betting on specific and personalised content for each session depending on the target audience.

In addition to this format, which can be face-to-face or online, it is also very interesting to create a hybrid experience that combines moments of autonomous learning, such as e-learning courses, together with workshops where you can share knowledge with the rest of the team and deepen certain aspects.

Workshops are also particularly interesting to commemorate world days linked to sustainability, such as World Water Day, Earth Hour, Environment Day, etc., which help to break the routine and promote a good working environment.


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