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Jamie Warmington

Principal Consultant

Jamie Warmington is a Principal Consultant with over 10 years’ experience in the waste and resource sector, having held senior waste and resource modelling roles at two market leading consultancies. He is a recognised waste expert and member of the Defra/Industry Waste Data Group. He uses his knowledge, combined with his economics background, to deliver a range of insightful projects that apply waste & other data across systems and value chains.

Jamie is known for his modelling expertise and works extensively with all forms of waste and material flow data on behalf of different clients including infrastructure investors and developers, regulators, local authorities and the waste management sector. His ‘systems thinking’ approach to the circular economy and the data needed to drive it has been invaluable for the development of our Waste Tracking Service prototype for Defra’s Smart Waste Tracking project. Jamie has a strong interest in the development and application of new technology to improve and automate data collection and leads the Anthesis teams’ digital development within the waste and resource efficiency area. He has also developed contacts with technology and hardware provider to understand how these technologies could be applied to track obligated products and items as they flow through the waste management system.