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Maryanne Eva

Associate Director

Maryanne is a proven and successful business advisor and Associate Faculty with an extensive network across business, governmental organizations, academia, and NGOs.

Her expertise focuses on Sustainability Strategy & Management, Education & Research, Social Impact, and Ethics & Governance. She has been researching, teaching, and advising about business & sustainability in Canada and Europe. Her multi-disciplinary expertise and practical industry experience help organizations refine their sustainability strategy, increase business resilience and competitiveness, and manage global reputational risks and opportunities.

Maryanne holds a master’s degree in Administration and Sustainability Management. She is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at École des Ponts Business School in Paris with a research interest in shared value, sustainability, innovation & competitiveness.

Maryanne has spearheaded the creation and development of innovative consulting services, certification, and audit programs in Business Ethics and Risk Management for the largest employers’ association in the construction industry in Montréal(Canada). She has collaborated with public and private organizations to manage their reputational and operational risks, achieve independent certification, and align with national and international best practices.

Previously, Maryanne advised the mayor’s office for the City of Montréal, working to co-create the sustainability vision and strategy for the metropolis.

Maryanne’s skills and expertise have been recognized internationally – by winning the International French National Contest for Young Entrepreneurs, being awarded the Women in Corporate Governance Scholarship for her doctoral research project, and being selected for a scholarship from the U.K. Case Center for her first peer-reviewed research articl