Sara Telahoun

Principal Consultant – Cities Specialist, UK

Sara is an experienced cities technical consultant with a background in climate change reporting and greenhouse gas emissions accounting. She manages the development of the SCATTER GHG emissions measurement and modelling tool, and also supports local governments to use the tool as part of wider climate strategy development. She has managed the delivery of several projects for local government clients providing an evidence base for their climate action plans and climate emergency declarations, including Birmingham, Hull and Luton.

Before joining Anthesis, Sara worked for CDP, an NGO that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, and sub-national governments to measure and manage their environmental impacts, where she was the Senior Technical Officer on the Cities programme. During this time, Sara has developed and critiqued cities’ greenhouse gas accounting methodologies, led workshops with various city officials internationally, managed the global cities’ disclosure and scoring for over 500 cities globally and provided technical assistance to local governments through various communication channels.

Sara is certified by the World Bank and World Resources Institute as a City Climate Planner and Urban GHG Inventory Specialist. She is also a member of Bristol City Council’s Environmental Sustainability Board, where she supported the development of the One City Climate Strategy and advises on methods to accelerate action towards the city’s including net zero emissions by 2030 ambition.