Ep 28: Activating Impact in the Decisive Decade

3rd March 2022

activating sustainability podcast series

In this Activating Sustainability episode, our host Chris Peterson is joined by CEO, North America, Chantelle Ludski, and North America Executive Directors, Emma Armstrong and Jason Pearson, to discuss key takeaways from the GreenBiz 2022 Conference held in February.

Inside this podcast

  • The evolving influence of social impact on companies’ goals.
  • The role of investors in the ESG space.
  • The importance of alignment on shared values.
  • The expanding role of the financial sector.
  • The importance of inclusion and diversity in the corporate sustainability community.
activating sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability | Ep 28: Reflections from GreenBiz 2022: Activating Impact in the Decisive Decade

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No one company can be the ‘magic bullet’ on [societal issues], we are going to need to collaborate, especially on policy change.”