Stakeholder Engagement

Navigating the Future with Inclusive Partnerships
people meeting

Any large organisation depends on a complex, interconnected network of stakeholders: from your own team, through close groups of customers, investors, suppliers and partners – to wider audiences of regulators, competitors, communities, activists, thought leaders, and beyond.

In the dynamic landscape of sustainability, strategic stakeholder engagement emerges as a linchpin for success. Collaborative efforts with suppliers, commitment to science-based targets, and comprehensive supply chain engagement are vital components in driving meaningful change.

At Anthesis, we help clients identify and engage in rewarding and productive dialogue with their important stakeholders, through quantitative studies, convenings, one-to-one consultation and other methods. We use these methods to unlock sustainable performance through richer analytics, smarter strategies and collaborative implementation. Our global reach, innovative tools, and unwavering commitment position us as architects of change, guiding businesses toward resilience, growth, and responsible operations.

Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement:

  • End-to-end communication campaigns.
  • Quantitative studies and tailored consultations for productive dialogues.
  • Support for national and local climate action planning and implementation.
  • Specialisation in SBT and Net Zero engagement for supply chains.
  • Expertise in designing and deploying strategic supplier engagement programs.

Innovative Technology Integration:

  • Exclusive tools like LV-Sinappsis and SupplyShift for efficient campaign planning.
  • Development of bespoke applications and engagement tools.
  • Evaluation and selection of engagement solutions and tools.
  • Acceleration of supplier engagement and action on sustainability.

We are the world’s leading science-based advisory, purpose-driven agency and digitally-empowered activator. And always welcome inquiries and partnerships to drive positive change together.