Product Ecodesign and Commercialisation

Developing sustainable products to decrease the generation of carbon emissions
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With public demands reaching a critical level, the pressure is on for brands to design eco-friendly products with the ability to be recycled.

Anthesis helps businesses develop sustainable solutions through design, supply chain management and manufacturing. We take an end-to-end approach to product design by analysing its entire lifecycle to ensure that phasing out substances such as plastics isn’t unintentionally increasing the products carbon footprint, which could damage brand reputation.

We create realistic product design solutions and R&D process transformation to help companies improve product sustainability and performance. We help clients launch platforms and products to realize the commercial benefit of sustainability strategies. Our expertise support the breadth of product development from material selection to manufacturing.

  • Carrying out sustainability reviews and reporting on products and packaging, using recognised analytics.
  • Working with manufacturers and  their suppliers to enhance products and packaging by making it more fit-for-purpose or through lightweighting.
  • Supporting decisions around raw and alternative material substitution, using our software-based tools to assess changes in sustainability outcomes.
  • Providing guidance and support to producers on how to increase their products recycled content, as well improving its design for recyclability when it reaches end-of-life.
  • Ensuring worldwide compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, particularly around chemicals and toxic substances.
  • Helping multi-industry brands collaborate on product innovation through our Product Sustainability Round Table membership network.

Sustainability incorporates so many things and understanding all the impacts that packaging has on the environment and society at each stage in its lifecycle is really difficult for most businesses. It is refreshing to see an approach that brings great design together with systems thinking.

Kate Yauk Fernandes Global Sustainability and Design Manager Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE)

The Future of Sustainable Packaging

Infinite Sustainable Packaging, a joint venture between Anthesis and global brand specialists 1HQ, offers a unique end-to-end solution for sustainable packaging innovation and design.

Developing sustainable packaging solutions requires brands to navigate and resolve complex choices, including packaging materials and post-use disposal. Combining creative thinking and scientific rigour, Infinite empowers clients to move rapidly from strategic goals to viable new business models and packaging solutions that are more sustainable, more desirable and drive business growth.

Infinite Sustainable Packaging – Podcast

We hear from Anthesis’ Debbie Hitchen and guest Mike Webster from 1HQ about how Infinite Sustainable Packaging came about and the importance of packaging innovation in driving real sustainable behaviour change for consumers.

What we do

We support brands to create sustainable packaging systems and solutions that are more robust, sustainable, create more desire, and deliver more value. We do this by:

  • Building scientifically-backed strategies to underpin sustainable innovation. This begins with understanding the broader context of regulatory landscapes, drivers and pressures from third parties and consumers, consumption patterns and consumers’ behaviours, aspirations and needs. We then assess the sustainability goals and ambition, evaluate the impact of potential packaging options and recommend a more sustainable alternative.
  • Designing solutions to unlock sustainable growth. We bring packaging strategies to life with 2D and 3D packaging design solutions based on the consumer usage journey.
  • Realising your ambition and driving commercial viability. We test the new solution to ensure that it meets the client ambition, it delivers on all the sustainability priorities and can be evidenced against best in class standards. We then support with the implementation of the new solution.

What makes Infinite unique?

The opportunity to bring science and robust decision-making together with creative innovation not only allows companies to find an alternative solution to sustainable packaging but also allows them to visualise what the solution will look like in the context of their business and for their customers.

Before the launch of Infinite, an end-to-end solution backed by this depth of scientific rigour and experience was not readily available.

We are the world’s leading science-based advisory, purpose-driven agency and digitally-empowered activator. And always welcome inquiries and partnerships to drive positive change together.