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New Capitals Coalition Launches

January 23, 2020 | News,

“Time is running out to safeguard the natural, social and human assets we rely on. We believe that the Capitals Coalition will play a vital role and we are proud to support them as a strategic partner.”

Fiona Place, Associate Director, Anthesis

The Natural Capital Coalition and the Social and Human Capital Coalition have launched as a single global collaboration, the Capitals Coalition, which Anthesis is proud to support as a founding member and strategic partner.

Anthesis Associate Director, Fiona Place, said: “Time is running out to safeguard the natural, social and human assets we rely on. The coming ten years is being called the decisive decade and 2020 the super year for action on climate change, biodiversity and a host of other sustainability issues.

“If we are serious about wanting a stable, equitable and prosperous future, then we must find ways to catalyse the transformative changes we need, integrating natural, social and human capital into all our decision making. We believe that the Capitals Coalition will play a vital role and we are proud to support them as a strategic partner.”

Capitals Coalition Announcement

Davos, Switzerland, January 23 2020: Today, the Natural Capital Coalition and the Social & Human Capital Coalition have united as the Capitals Coalition.

The Capitals Coalition will work collaboratively to ensure that the value that flows from nature, society and people – as well as the economy – collectively inform public and private sector decision making.

Over the last several years the concept of natural capital has risen to the top of the international agenda. However, it is clear that without an integrated and systemic approach to address global environmental, social and economic challenges, we will not catalyse the transformative change that is needed to ensure the health of the natural world, and to safeguard human health, wealth, happiness and identity.

During the ‘2020 Super Year’ world leaders will meet to agree on new and ambitious targets for biodiversity and climate, and to measure progress against the Sustainable Development Goals, including social and economic targets. It’s increasingly clear that natural, social and economic issues are fundamentally interconnected, and that if we are to succeed in delivering a stable and resilient future they must be addressed together as parts within an integrated system.

This systemic approach is embedded in the Capitals Coalition, which unites over 350 organisations, and engages many thousands more, who together represent all parts of society and span the global economy.

A capitals approach provides decision makers with a lens to identify these connections, to contextualise non-financial information for organisations, and to understand where there are synergies, trade-offs and opportunities to generate value for multiple stakeholders.

By working collaboratively with our extensive community, and by harmonising the existing approaches to capitals thinking and practice, the Capitals Coalition will bring them to scale, package them for use by businesses and governments, and provide a pre-competitive space for multi-stakeholder collaboration.

The Natural and the Social and Human Capital Coalitions have demonstrated that it is possible to enhance natural, social, human and financial capital through more informed decision making in business and government. Both have harmonised global guidance into internationally accepted and standardised frameworks in the form of the Natural Capital Protocol and the Social & Human Capital Protocol.

Each Coalition convenes a community of international leaders, recognised experts, innovators and respected practitioners. They come together in a pre-competitive space because they believe that the Coalitions are vehicles that can drive the global conversation and deliver desperately needed systemic change.

The united Capitals Coalition will accelerate momentum, leverage success, connect powerful and engaged communities, and identify the areas, projects and partnerships where we can collectively deliver benefits for nature, people and the economy.

Of the 350+ organisations officially affiliated with the Capitals Coalition, 30 have stepped forward as Strategic Partners. These partners have been selected for their leadership, for their expertise and influence, and for their ability to achieve impact at scale. Collectively they represent business, finance, policy, science and academia, standard setting, membership organisations and civil society, and they will play a pivotal role in guiding the Coalition in its mission to bring nature and people into the heart of decision making.


Media Contact: Joseph Harris-Confino, Head of Communications, Capitals Coalition



Our Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Offering

Anthesis’ involvement with the Capitals Coalition is an opportunity to use our vast experience of working with organisations to improve their performance relating to the environment and society and develop a more integrated, impactful way of thinking about sustainability.

We work with businesses across a range of sectors to better understand, evidence and assess their environmental impacts and dependencies. By coupling our expertise in environmental economics with our knowledge of agriculture, supply chains and software, we support clients to create natural capital strategies to protect and enhance ecosystem services.

We also assess nature-related financial risks and opportunities, building on our experience of working with companies to assess the risks arising from climate change, in line with the requirements of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

Our Social Impact Offering

Our social impact team has helped many clients to understand their social impacts and to put the necessary steps in place to improve these impacts. We ensure that the approach adopted aligns with the organisation’s values and works to deliver its strategy, ultimately providing commercial benefits.

Anthesis’ comprehensive service offering in this area draws on our experience of applying relevant approaches, frameworks and tools, including the Human and Social Capital Protocol, the Sustainable Development Goals and our own Integrated Social Value methodology.

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