Earth Day 2023

Invest in our Planet

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 is Earth Day?

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the ‘modern environmental movement’ in 1970. Earth Day has become a significant annual occurrence observed by billions of people worldwide, with the aim of mobilising citizens into action to help to protect our planet.

Activating to ‘Invest in Our Planet’
A collective effort

As Sustainability Activators, Anthesis fully supports this year’s official theme for Earth Day to ‘Invest in our Planet’. A call to action for governments, businesses, communities and citizens to do their part and work together as a collective to accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous, green economy for all. Everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable.

We are proud to be an accelerator in the transition to a more sustainable world, whether that’s through the impactful work we do with our clients to deliver sustainable performance, our pledge to uphold the highest standards of being a fully certified B Corporation, or the positive actions our employees take as individuals.

Earth Day for Businesses

Businesses and investors play a critical role in accelerating the transition to a more prosperous and equitable economy. It is now widely understood that companies who develop strong Environment Social Governance (ESG) standards and sustainable business practices have better profitability, stronger financials, happier employees, and more resilient stock performance.

However, at present, the investment in the shift to a low carbon world is about 6 times lower than it needs to be. It is now more crucial than ever that businesses and investors embrace the benefits of a green economy to help save our planet from a climate disaster. This Earth Day can be a catalyst for acceleration.

Ways for businesses to invest in our planet:

  • Implement an ESG programme and prioritise sustainable practices
    Now is the time for stakeholders, investors and business leaders to prioritise sustainability in their agendas. Explore how Anthesis works with a broad range of businesses to improve their Environmental, Social and Governance performance and reduce their carbon emissions.
  • Become a B Corp
    A B Corporation uses business as a force for good; it is a company that has pledged to hold itself up to the highest standards of ESG in order to balance profit and purpose.  Our B Leaders at Anthesis are experienced sustainability professionals who have been fully trained to support companies to gain B Corp certification. Additionally, Anthesis is registered as a B Corp Way partner to provide bespoke support to companies looking to improve their broader impact, whether they are a B Corp or not.
  • Ensure your workforce is ‘carbon literate’
    Reducing carbon emissions relies on every single person in an organisation being aware of the carbon impacts of their consumer and lifestyle choices, and feeling motivated and supported to take action. Anthesis is proud to be both an accredited Carbon Literate Organisation and a qualified trainer in Carbon Literacy. Explore our Carbon Literacy services; whether you are members of the C-suite looking to gain a better handle on your own sustainability responsibilities, an individual looking to reduce your own impact, or an investor looking to take ownership and support portfolio companies, we can support you.

Earth Day for Communities

We believe that for communities to thrive, we must accelerate the process of humanising cities, creating spaces for citizens, and promoting local nature. Anthesis supports governments, cities and regions to take ownership of their impact in mitigating the climate crisis and helps to create healthy living spaces for all.

There are many ways to help strengthen communities in order to support the shift to a more sustainable an healthy planet.

Ways for communities to invest in our planet:

  • Explore our sustainable Cities &  Environment services
    From assessment of environmental and social impact through to waste solution implementation, we define strategies for creating sustainable low carbon cities and regions. 
  • Join a local Earth Day event in your community
    There are events worldwide, both virtual and in-person. Use the Earth Day map to find your closest event.
  • Support a local environmental organisation
    Volunteer with or join a local group that focuses on supporting our earth – for example community gardens and orchards, local compost groups, conservation groups, Land Trusts and Sierra clubs.
  • Join a community ‘clean-up’
    Contribute to a cleaner and healthier community by participating in a litter-pick. You can do an individual clean-up, organise a group event, or join Earth Day’s ‘Global Clean Up’.
  • Support reforestation 
    Reforestation is one of our best hopes for restoring our Earth. Plant a native tree to benefit your local community or consider making a donation to the Canopy Project, an initiative that improves our shared environment by planting trees across the globe.
earth day communities

Earth Day for Individuals

It may feel like our individual actions are a drop in the ocean, however we have the simple yet effective power to make our voices heard through our lifestyle, consumer and financial choices, our civic actions, and our personal interactions. The more people we can encourage to make positive choices each day, the greater the ripple effect on the pace of corporate and government action and the greater the positive impact on our earth.

Ways for individuals to invest in our planet:

  • Research your pension provider
    Ask your employer who your pension provider is, what options you have to invest in sustainable funds, and whether your provider has made a net zero target. Ask your investment advisor about funds with an ESG component. Explore the Make My Money Matter website; you could consider asking your employer to sign their green pensions charter.
  • Research your bank
    Find out how sustainable your bank is on Switch it and consider switching to a more sustainable option.
  • Donate to a climate action charity
    Research your local not-for-profit or charity that focuses on climate justice, climate action, conservation or community investment. Make a donation or get involved with volunteering opportunities.
  • Shrink your ‘foodprint’ and adopt a plant-based diet
    To reduce your impact on the earth, buying and consuming less meat is one of the most effective things an individual can do. Shrink your ‘foodprint’ by switching to a predominantly plant-based diet – there are many climate-friendly recipes online.
  • Buy local and seasonal
    Visit your local supermarket or farmer’s market instead of the big chain stores when buying groceries and always check the labels to see where your food was grown (the more local, the less carbon mileage).
  • Contact your local legislator / government representative
    Tell your local representative that the health of people and the planet should be their top priority. Urge them to support a key legislative initiative – for example Build Back Better, Extended Producer Responsibility, Greenspace Protection, Voter’s Rights.
  • Switch to a more sustainable mode of transport
    Walk, cycle or take public transport whenever you can, instead of driving or flying. If you need a car, consider buying an electric or hybrid vehicle – it’s a big investment, but will pay off in the long run form you, amidst rising gas prices and for the planet, due to the zero emissions.
  • Reduce your plastic waste
    Look for ‘zero-plastic’ groceries in your local supermarket or research your nearest ‘zero-waste’ shop. Only buy products with recyclable packaging and ensure you understand the recycling facilities in your neighbourhood. Bring your own re-usable shopping bags to avoid single-use plastic bags.
earth day individuals

Earth Day gives us time to reflect on how we take action on climate. It is going to take all of us to act, to innovate, and to implement changes to protect the planet.