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Green Building Design, Standards and Responsible Sourcing

Providing a comprehensive range of services across the built environment

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Our services span across all sectors and usually involve a combination of strategy and planning, design and construction, and managing buildings in use and at end of life.

From building more factories and offices to developing smarter, cleaner energy systems, creating infrastructure fit for the future is a priority across the world. The sector’s many players – from clients, to designers and engineers, contractors to product suppliers, landlords to insurers and investors – are in the spotlight more than ever before.

Anthesis provides a comprehensive range of services across the built environment. We are able to support you in implementing the right processes and procedures to meet legal requirements, contractual obligations and demonstrate good environmental performance, while ensuring that any cost and time impacts are minimised. Our green building services can be conducted in combination with our waste, energy, materials sourcing, social value and reporting services.

Our Green Building Design services:

  • Eco-design and innovation – incorporating material recovery and energy efficiency into the design and functionality of infrastructure, and assessing design variations or new applications. This can also include designing buildings or spaces with wellbeing in mind.
  • Sector-specific standard development – ensuring your unique issues and requirements are considered.
  • Procurement, advice and support – implementing ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable Procurement, BES6001, The Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing.
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) – to meet the planning requirements of environmental regulators or specific contractual obligations set by developers.
  • Scheme certification – including industry-specific schemes like BREEAM, LEED, EDGE, or Ska Ratings.

We work with clients from institutional investors to hospitals, social and private housing to retail, infrastructure and commercial property to bring their visions and ambitions to reality.

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The challenge with this type of project [Responsible sourcing certification] is finding the right advisory partner that instinctively understands what is needed, understand our business, and can deliver efficiently against the project brief. Anthesis’ way of working and communicating enabled us to execute the project on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard.

Heinrich Jonker
Quality Systems Manager
SIG Building Solutions

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