Carbon Reduction Strategies

Going beyond conventional resolution to drive absolute reductions

Reducing your carbon footprint is not just an issue of compliance or reputation. Our work for Unite Students identified approximately £150 million in lifetime savings that can be achieved if all the recommended sustainability measures are carried out.

Establishing greenhouse gas (GHG)-reduction strategies and identifying carbon and water footprinting reduction opportunities has become common practice for many companies. But as emissions continue to rise, reaching the highest level in 3 million years, it’s clear there needs to be a seismic shift in the way we take action on carbon.

Anthesis can help you to develop meaningful carbon reduction strategies that have a quantifiable impact on your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Rather than developing a strategy based on expected emissions reductions, we go beyond conventional ambitions to drive absolute reductions.

Our Carbon and GHG Reduction strategies include:

  • Target-setting – we can help you to calculate your baseline emission using tools like Footprinter and develop realistic goals in line with proven frameworks such as CDP and Science Based Targets. We can also submit your targets to these frameworks on your behalf.
  • Hotspot analysis –  using your baseline, we can identify hotspots in your operations and supply chain that have the biggest potential for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improving efficiency – we provide strategic advice around energy, waste and water, and deliver on-the-ground energy efficiency measures.
  • Procurement reviews – we can analyse the goods, services or utilities you use and make recommendations on suitable alternatives where necessary.
  • Offsetting – we use our Clean CO2 tool to help you neutralise your impact and invest in projects that offset your emissions.
  • Legislative compliance – we prepare you for current and future compliance scenarios. This can include country-specific schemes like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) in the UK and the Federal Carbon Pricing Scheme in Canada.

After defining your strategies, you can look to offset your carbon footprint.

Find out more about how to offset your carbon footprint


We partnered with industry expert Anthesis to ensure we could meet the rigorous requirements of an SBTi-approved goal for Scope 3 emissions. With Anthesis’ guidance, we were able to footprint our current Scope 3 impact as well as model out all the underlying initiatives and activities that will help us achieve our 2030 target.

Former VP of Corporate Responsibility
Target Corporation

We commissioned Anthesis to build a tool to manage and analyze data across the portfolio and build the business case for programmes of ECMs. What we received was a detailed and comprehensive carbon management tool. The commitment to delivering this project has been nothing short of remarkable and the tool will, I’m sure, be used by Unite for years to come in pursuit of our carbon reduction targets.

Gareth Chaplin
Energy Efficiency Technical Solutions Manager
Unite Students

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