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Activator Summit: Compliance as the Catalyst for Achieving Sustainable Performance

6 Jun 2023 | Event, Webinar,

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Webinar | Compliance as the catalyst for achieving sustainable performance

Tuesday, 6th June | 11 am – 12 noon ET / 4-5 pm BST 

Incoming regulatory requirements are driving more companies than ever to evaluate and report on their sustainability impact. This will give stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees and suppliers, unprecedented access to information on an organisation’s impact and how they are moving the dial on sustainability.

This session will explore how business leaders can lead their organisation beyond regulatory sustainability compliance to proactively address the current and future needs of the market, our environment, and society. Participants will learn about the connection between sustainability regulation, compliance, and societal needs and the necessity of setting their own bar for compliance to address their key climate risks and vulnerabilities while meeting evolving stakeholder demands. Using key theories and examples of organisations that are already seeing the benefits of going beyond compliance, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a strong sustainability strategy that supports their organisational objectives.

The session will cover:

  • An overview of the evolving landscape of corporate sustainability regulations, including CSRD, SEC and TNFD
  • The business case for going beyond compliance
  • How business leaders can assess their environmental and social impact and set ambitious goals to address them


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