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Activator Summit: Enabling a Circular Scope 3 – The Value of Reducing Your Product Carbon Footprint

8 Jun 2023 | Event, Webinar,

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Webinar | Enabling a circular Scope 3: The value of reducing your product carbon footprint

Thursday, 8th June | 11 am – 12 noon ET / 4-5 pm BST 

For many companies, Scope 3 emissions account for around 90% of their total carbon footprint. A major source of Scope 3 emissions relate to the products we sell: the materials used in those products, how the product is made, how it’s used by our customers, and what happens when our customers are done with our products. Often customers, whether B2B or consumers, are asking for products with lower carbon footprints. With strategic intent, meeting customer demand for lower product carbon footprints can materially lower the Scope 3 footprint as well.

The need for transformative change and circular solutions in this area is increasingly urgent – so in the fourth webinar in our Activator Summit series on 8th June, our Anthesis experts will examine real-world examples of circular transformation, exploring:

  • The relationship of your organisation’s product carbon footprint (PCF) to its Scope 3 footprint;
  • How a portfolio approach can drive large scale impact for you and your customers, and
  • How to accelerate transformation.


Guest speaker

Annie Hukill
Manager, Corporate Sustainability

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