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Activator Summit: Managing the Business Risk and Opportunity of Nature

13 Jun 2023 | Event, Webinar,

Webinar Recording | Managing the business risk and opportunity of nature

Every business relies on nature for resources and ecosystem services such as water, food, fibre, minerals, pollination of crops, water filtration and climate regulation, both in their own operations and supply chains, and for their employees and customers. But nature is at a tipping point. The natural resources and ecosystem services – that we all rely on and that powers our global economy – are under massive strain. Without transformative changes in the way we do business, nature-negative trends such as global declines in species populations as well as losses in efficiency and efficacy of ecosystem service provision are expected to increase even faster. Under current scenarios, over half of the world’s total GDP is at moderate or severe risk due to nature loss.

Nature is fundamental to solving the multiple crises we face: 37% of climate change mitigation needed to stay within 1.5 degrees of global warming can be provided by nature. The silently progressing water crises, unequally distributed impacts of climate change and Covid-19 have shown how interconnected the multiple crises are, with climate change and nature loss both exacerbating inequality. Integrated solutions are needed.

The role of business is critical to delivering a nature positive world by 2030. Building on existing commitments and actions related to nature, businesses should aim to halt and reverse negative impacts on nature and then aim for their positive impacts to outweigh their negative ones in similar types of ecosystems.

Join Anthesis for a conversation with Chief Risk and Chief Financial Officers on how organisations can begin to put nature’s value on the balance sheet when making decisions. Also, get a first glimpse of the Self-Assessment and Toolkit, which Anthesis has been developing with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).


Guest speakers

Katia Bonga
 Redefining Value Manager, WBCSD
Christian Bogen
Policy Advocacy Manager, Bayer
Camille Van de Sande
Senior Advisor Food System Transition at Rabobank

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