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Activator Summit: Virtual Event Series

5 Jun 2023 | Event,

Activator Summit: Virtual Event Series

Empowering Business Leaders to Take the Lead in a Sustainable Future

5th – 16th June 2023

The majority of companies have set long-term targets to improve their sustainable performance and respond to ecological and social decline. But, as highlighted in the recent IPCC report, the window is closing and the next seven years that lead us to 2030 are critical to mitigate the worst impacts on the planet and people. Similar warnings are being made for biodiversity and the ecosystem services they provide.

Private sector businesses have the power to drive change, but we need to educate leaders and share proven strategies for transformation to increase the pace of action.

During a series of online events over two weeks, Anthesis’ industry-leading experts explored the decisions that business leaders need to make now to radically accelerate their progress to 2030 and beyond. Pulling from experiences of supporting over 2,600 companies across sectors to transform, the virtual summit focused on the levers available throughout the transition to mitigate risk and emerge stronger and more resilient.

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