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Verifying Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Programme

November 5, 2020 | Insights,

“ Supporting our mission of making sustainability happen, Anthesis is proud to work with Amazon on its Climate Pledge Friendly programme, verifying that the external sustainability certifications and standards provide a demonstrable reduction in environmental impact. This programme empowers consumers to make informed choices on their purchasing decisions, with the assurance that products with the Climate Pledge Friendly badge have a genuine claim to be more sustainable.

Chris Stanley, Director
Anthesis Group

Empowering consumers to make informed choices on their sustainability decisions

Amazon has announced the launch of Climate Pledge Friendly, a new programme to help make it easier for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products.

Customers will now see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on thousands of products to signify that the products have one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications that help preserve the natural world, such as reducing the carbon footprint of shipments to customers.

Anthesis supported this Amazon sustainability programme by carrying out a detailed independent review of hundreds of international certifications and standards. We examined their relevance, credibility and requirements to ensure that the programme only uses those that have proven environmental benefits, are transparent, and are described in a clear and accurate way. This means that Amazon’s customers can be assured that products with the Climate Pledge Friendly label have a genuine claim to be more sustainable.

Further information on how we are supporting Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly programme

Standards and certifications that Anthesis support for inclusion in the Climate Pledge Friendly programme include:

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