Anthesis’ Authority-Based Insetting Project Receives UK Government Funding to Accelerate Investment in Nature

June 20, 2022 | News,

“Funding from the NEIRF will enable us to make huge progress in shifting ABI from a concept design into a tangible, implementable solution. In turn, this will help local authorities to accelerate progress towards Net Zero.”

Matt Rooney
Associate Director, Anthesis

Anthesis has received funding to further develop its Authority Based Insetting initiative for UK local authorities. The funding, made available through the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund (NEIRF), supports projects that improve and safeguard nature in England.

The Authority-Based Insetting (ABI) project aims to provide a dedicated insetting solution for UK local authorities to drive progress to Net Zero. Anthesis launched the draft ABI insetting guidance framework in November 2021, following consultation and a co-development process with 13 UK local authorities. The NEIRF funding will be used to further develop the ABI approach, build a registry to better track carbon saving impacts, and facilitate new sources of finance. These developments will help provide local authorities with a consistent approach to carbon compensation, and more importantly, help to enable more local projects with positive social, economic, and environmental impacts.

In addition, Lancashire County Council received funding from NEIRF to engage its 12 districts on the topic of Authority-Based Insetting. This will not only help the county gain better insight into potential projects and project funding needs but may also help the public and private sectors to collaborate more effectively on the topic of climate change mitigation.


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