Fighting for a World Where we all Waste Less Water


The UK uses more water than it rains – but awareness of how we can save water is low. Our challenge was to encourage Affinity Water’s users across South East England to do their bit and use water more efficiently.

We knew that getting people to change entrenched daily behaviours would take more than appealing to their better nature—we needed to forge a more emotional connection.

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When we discovered that the UK is home to 80% of the world’s chalk streams – a precious natural resource that is more endangered than the Bengal Tiger or the Great Barrier Reef – we knew we had found our fight.

Save our Streams drew people’s attention to the fact the water from their taps is directly connected to this endangered resource. Dry British wit was used to dramatise the extravagant ways people waste water.

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Our oversized bath became a symbol of this change, found in OOH, press, DM and a roadshow that toured the region. A hilarious radio campaign visited homes to highlight the residents’ ridiculous water-wasting behaviour. We even hosted a live comedy event in an actual stream.

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