Consortia Management Support for European Biodiesel Board

Anthesis’ experience with EU REACH and their understanding of the complexities of EU REACH consortia management has allowed us to make significant improvements in our operations.”



European Biodiesel Board (EBB) is the association for companies producing biodiesel in the EU. EEB Secretariat required support for the consortium organisation and activities including improving member engagement and effectiveness of the governance structure. EBB also needed to assess EU REACH registration dossier quality including assessing the need for data generation and creating a plan for necessary updates.


Anthesis reviewed EBB’s needs through meetings with the core team, followed by attending a Steering Committee meeting to confirm priorities. As identified in the priority actions, Anthesis proposed a set of protocols for day-to-day consortium activities such as Letter of Access inquiries, initiated a campaign of engagement to connect with members and registrants, and organised the process of selling data access for jurisdictions outside of the EU.

Key services included:


The priority actions enabled EBB to more efficiently handle letter of access sales, improve dossier quality, and increase the engagement of registrants and members.

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