Developing a Net Zero Strategy for Southway Housing Trust

Anthesis helped us to quantify the emissions impact of our stock and operations, as well as considering barriers and enablers to decarbonisation…. The work has been instrumental in reframing our broader strategy and engaging colleagues at all levels, on this critical matter that we face.”

Matt Roberts – Strategic Director, Southway Housing Trust


Southway Housing Trust owns and manages almost 6,000 homes in the North West of England. Following Greater Manchester’s climate emergency declaration, the trust pledged to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2038. This required Southway to set out a strategy to decarbonise its housing portfolio and business operations.


Anthesis supported Southway Housing Trust to develop a detailed zero carbon strategy. The strategy sets out a pathway to remove the 30,000 tonnes of carbon emitted through their properties and operations, and to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2038.

The strategy includes an in-depth analysis of the current emissions produced by the organisation’s operations and housing stock as well as the identification of six priority areas and actions for the next five years.


  • Establishing a baseline of emissions produced across scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions and benchmarking against “best in class” examples.
  • Energy modelling of the housing portfolio to assess the current baseline and impacts of a package of retrofit works and the integration of renewable technologies on the building stock.
  • Stakeholder engagement with various departments of the organisation to understand key barriers and enablers to increasing and/or accelerating decarbonisation activity.
  • Creation of a detailed zero carbon strategy report defining the actions required to meet the zero-carbon target and identification of six key areas for action.