Optimising Building Energy Management System for Orange Business Services

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Orange Business Services’ (OBS) existing Building Energy Management System (BEMS) was a mixture of old, obsolete and non-functioning equipment. Due to a lack of confidence in the system, heating and ventilation were being manually controlled. OBS wanted to improve the BEMS to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort and restore automated control.

Anthesis was commissioned by OBS to optimise and automate the BEMS at its UK headquarters.


Anthesis conducted a detailed review of the existing energy data, control strategy, set points and plant. Consumption patterns were investigated, energy wastage identified and issues with the operation of the systems diagnosed. Carrob Controls reviewed three remedial options: complete replacement, repair or partial upgrade.

The recommended solution was a partial upgrade of the controllers and the headend software.


As a result of the upgrade, electricity consumption was reduced by 15% and gas consumption by 35%. Staff understanding and confidence in the systems was improved, enabling them to achieve the best results.

OBS was so pleased with the results that they engaged Anthesis to provide further support in improving the building cooling systems. Anthesis conducted a review of the controls and strategy. We recommended works to improve control of the cooling plant, optimiser strategy and time schedules, as well as adding compensation on the fan coil units.