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Industrial Energy Decarbonisation

Working with global and multi-site organisations to decarbonise facilities

Anthesis offers expertise in all areas of industrial energy decarbonisation planning, including:

  • Analytics
  • Detailed decarbonisation route mapping
  • Sophisticated techno-economic modelling
  • Feasibility, concept assessment and detailed design
  • Solution
  • Development of industrial energy decarbonisation strategies
  • Identifying funding for decarbonisation projects
  • Green and low carbon energy generation
  • Implementation
  • Managed installation and delivery


Why decarbonising industrial energy is so important

Anthesis provides independent support across public and private sectors, working in partnership with Chief Sustainability Officers and environment and energy teams to develop and implement strategies to decarbonise industrial processes.

As well as providing environmental and sustainability benefits, our strategies improve your bottom line by reducing energy consumption.

Anthesis utilises a sophisticated techno-economic modelling solution to identify the most appropriate solutions for our clients’ needs.

We take clients on a complete journey from feasibility to delivery, planning and costing out each stage in detail so that informed decisions can be taken.

Multi-national and multi-site organisations can have complex operations and logistics, making decarbonisation particularly challenging. Our international energy experience enables us to develop bespoke solutions in different jurisdictions, considering local legislation. This is essential if an energy decarbonisation strategy is to be fully deliverable within set timeframes and budgets.

Whatever the technology involved in your decarbonisation project, professionalism and integrity underpin what we do, along with innovative and flexible thinking.

A Guide to the UK Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES)


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Delivering Energy-saving Technology Across UK Sites for Jones Lang LaSalle


Anthesis was commissioned by JLL to provide independent verification of the potential of an energy-saving additive and its ability to improve the efficiency of condensing boilers across its sites.


Managing Energy Crises in Manufacturing


This guide provides practical steps for manufacturers to manage the energy trilemma; cost, decarbonisation, and security of supply.


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