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Episode 13: The European Green Deal: A Road to Recovery

August 3, 2020 | Podcast,

In Episode 13, our host Chris Peterson is joined by two Anthesis Lavola experts: Joana Soares (Transactions Corporate Services Director, Iberia) and Miquel Rubio (Development Director) to unpack the new European Green Deal and what this early model of ‘Build Back Better’ could look like. Joana and Miquel dissect the key challenges and opportunities of the European Green Deal and highlight how, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for everyone globally to get behind it.

The EU Green Deal is an actionable roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable in order to become climate neutral by 2050. It outlines investments needed and the financing tools available, and explains how to ensure a just and inclusive transition.

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Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Ep 13: The European Green Deal: A Road To Recovery

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