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Fujitsu and Anthesis partner to accelerate the adoption of actionable decarbonisation plans through digital innovation

April 18, 2023 | News,

Achieving genuine sustainability as a company involves maximizing corporate value by pursuing both conventional, short term financial indicators, as well as non-financial objectives, encompassing factors like ESG management. This holistic, sustainability-driven approach is the point of departure for our collaboration, and we are confident Anthesis, with its extensive experience in the global field of sustainability consulting and digital implementation, will complement our own leading-edge technologies to position us to maximize the value we offer to our customers.

Yuuki Yamamoto, VP, Head of Sustainable Manufacturing, Uvance Unit, Fujitsu

Fujitsu and Anthesis Group (Anthesis),  today announced the signing of a global partnership to support customers’ efforts to achieve carbon neutrality in their businesses.

As the largest pure-play sustainability firm globally, supporting more than 2,600 clients to set and achieve their climate change goals, Anthesis is at the forefront of using digital innovation to drive impact. Designed from the insights of over 4,000 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprints globally, RouteZero is part of the Anthesis Digital suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. It delivers a comprehensive GHG reduction platform which combines detailed action planning with transparency and ease of use, backed by unrivalled expertise from 1,100 climate analytics specialists.

Under the collaboration, Fujitsu and Anthesis plan to provide an end-to-end solution combining intelligent climate planning to optimal investment strategies and implementation activities to customers in Europe in the first half of fiscal 2023, with plans to expand their services to other regions in fiscal 2024.

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We are at a pivot point in history where it is acknowledged that we have the tools and knowledge available to curb and adapt to climate change; we now need the commitments and collaborations to drive results. Through our partnership with Fujitsu and utilising the RouteZero tool, I’m confident we can expedite the scale and pace of decarbonisation by leaning into our end-to-end digital solutions and Fujitsu’s trusted advisor status.

Richard Peagam, Head of Digital, Anthesis


ESG management and sustainability transformation (SX) represent an increasingly urgent priority for companies worldwide. Many businesses are required to not only disclose financial information but are also placing an increased emphasis on the disclosure of non-financial information relating to environmental and societal issues. Realizing the common global goal of carbon neutrality remains a focal point of these efforts, and measures for calculating and visualizing CO2 emissions in business operations are gaining growing importance.

Outline of the partnership

Fujitsu and Anthesis will collaborate to support customers in achieving carbon neutrality through initiatives promoting digital transformation (DX) and SX. This will include the delivery of services through the RouteZero platform such as strategic planning, data collection and visualization, as well as smoother information disclosure through data utilization.

By partnering with Anthesis, a company with robust capabilities in the European market, Fujitsu will be able to further accelerate its global business strategy while contributing to its commitments to promoting sustainability.

Fujitsu aims to provide the services developed in this partnership as an offering for “Sustainable Manufacturing”, one of the key focus areas of “Fujitsu Uvance,” Fujitsu’s portfolio of global solutions to contribute to the realization of a sustainable world. By supporting Fujitsu’s clients on their decarbonisation journey through RouteZero, Anthesis will fortify its ambition of eliminating 3GT of Co2e on behalf of clients by 2030.

Find out more about Fujitsu Uvance:

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