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NET ZERO Agricultural GHG Emissions

29 Sep 2020 | Event, Webinar,

NET ZERO: Measuring and validating your supply chain’s agricultural GHG emissions – creating credible reduction opportunities that provide financial rewards.
September 29 

Many organisations within the agri-food sector are setting ambitious Net Zero targets in an effort to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their operations and supply chain. All evidence suggests that addressing agricultural emissions is key to the successful implementation of any Net Zero agricultural supply chain, or scope 3, targets.

There are many helpful tools and frameworks that can help capture farm-level sustainability information, including GHG emissions, allowing farmers to identify, report and manage their impacts. However, the challenge is linking these to incentives that encourage producers to embed advantageous best management practices and monitor the resulting improvements.

This webinar explored potential pathways to supporting producers to adopt sustainable farming practices, including the extent to which this could then support organisational Scope 3 reduction plans and wider agricultural Net Zero targets.

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