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Net Zero

Supporting You on Your Journey to Net Zero

What is Net Zero?

Simply put, Net Zero refers to a state when the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by human activities is balanced by removing the same amount through human endeavor over a specified period.

To align with the IPCC’s 1.5⁰C climate ambition and limit the impact of climate change, the world needs to reduce net annual greenhouse emissions by at least 40 gigatonnes by mid-century.

Webinar Recording | Mitigating climate risk through internal carbon pricing

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Anthesis’ goal is to support its clients to avoid, reduce, and remove at least 3 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

Supporting the Transition to Net Zero

Cities and corporations around the globe are setting targets to radically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in order to control climate change. These targets and commitments often align with a desire to achieve Net Zero emissions by a certain date in the future.

Achieving Net Zero requires coordinated action touching on many aspects of the organisation. What may seem daunting can be broken down into strategic and manageable pathways for transformation.

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Avoid future carbon emissions through evaluating the data, and designing and making decisions differently
Reduce current greenhouse gas emissions by utilising efficiencies in energy, materials, and  renewables
Invest in removing carbon elsewhere within your value chain
Innovate through collaboration in green finance, clean technology, big data and social movements

What do you need to do to reach Net Zero?

To reach the desired Net Zero goal, organisations and cities need to undertake a transformation to move from understanding the risks associated with their current and future footprint to seeking the investment and innovation needed to enact real change.

Net Zero Strategic Framework

Underpinning our approach, our strategic framework focuses on four key interconnecting strategies to turn those risks into investment plans and directions of travel.

Discover how can we achieve Net Zero by 2050


Accelerate intelligent climate action with our leading Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management solution

Designed from the insights of over 4,000 GHG footprints globally, RouteZero accelerates the pace with which organisations can assess their impact and develop actionable decarbonisation plans.

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Our Global Reach

Comprising over 1000 people located in 30 offices across 20 countries, Anthesis provides deep subject expertise across an unparalleled breadth of services.

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Our Net Zero Strategy: Supporting you on the Journey to Net Zero

From Transition to Transformation – Five Stages to Drive Sustainable Performance

As the world moves towards a Net Zero future, our approach unlocks the opportunities and reduces the risks associated with climate change, for businesses, cities, governments and other organisations.


Discover Anthesis’ Net Zero Strategy

5 stages to net zero infographic

Our Net Zero Strategy

From Transition to Transformation – Five Stages to Drive Sustainable Performance

Understand your Climate Risk

Climate change risks are both physical and linked to the changes that societies and economy will be undergoing as we adapt to the realities of a warmer, net zero world. Our analytical approach helps to identify where these risks lie.


Understand your Current & Future Footprint

Each decision an organisation takes will impact both current and future emissions. We start with measuring your existing footprint, then identify the likely source of future emissions within your growth plans.

Develop Net Zero Strategies

From avoiding future emissions to reducing current greenhouse gases through energy efficiency, renewable energy and circularity, making investments and using innovation to drive the organisation forward, our solutions experts help create the optimum blend of connected strategies based on your needs.

Implement Value Chain Reductions

All organisations are part of a connected network who share the risks and opportunities associated with moving towards a net-zero world. Implementing the strategies that deliver sustainable performance will reach many parts of your network, both internally across business functions, as well as externally with supply chain and customers.


Balance Your Carbon Budget

As your reduction plans are underway, tackle the unavoidable, residual emissions through investing in climate solutions that seek to remove carbon from the atmosphere and benefit societies and people.

Our Clients


We partnered with industry expert Anthesis to ensure we could meet the rigorous requirements of an SBTi-approved goal for Scope 3 emissions. With Anthesis’ guidance, we were able to footprint our current Scope 3 impact as well as model out all the underlying initiatives and activities that will help us achieve our 2030 target.

Former VP of Corporate Responsibility, Target


The Anthesis Team’s deep expertise in corporate greenhouse gas management and goal-setting has been incredibly valuable to advancing our science-based climate actions.

Jaxon Love
Global Environmental Sustainability Lead, PayPal


While I have worked with a handful of leading consultancies on a variety of projects, the Anthesis team has honestly provided the most value to me and our business. They provide an outstanding level of service that is focused around problem solving, collaboration and building capacity, something few other consultants truly can deliver upon.

Emilio Tenuta
SVP for Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab


Anthesis has been instrumental in helping us quantify our carbon footprint and understand where our biggest opportunities lie over the years. This long-term support has allowed us to reach carbon neutrality and maintain our status as the UK’s most ethical water brand – an essential part of what Belu stands for.

Nolan Wright
Head of Operations, Belu Water


Anthesis helped us to quantify the emissions impact of our stock and operations, as well as considering barriers and enablers to decarbonisation across the various department and functions within our organisation. The work was conducted very professionally via a mixture of desk-based analytics and face-to-face interviews and has been instrumental in reframing our broader strategy and engaging colleagues at all levels, on this critical matter that we face.

Matt Roberts
Strategic Director - Property & Development, Southway Housing Trust


Anthesis supported Cheshire East Council in developing our Carbon Neutral Action plan, with their assistance being critical in delivering a tailored solution to our ambition to both be carbon neutral for our operations by 2025 and reduce the footprint of the Borough. They were able to engage, challenge, and bring along our team and management to ensure ownership and understanding of the approach, drawing on best practice and their experience working with other Local Authorities around the UK.

Dan Griffiths
Economic Development Progamme Manager, Cheshire East Council


It’s FIRA’s aim to make carbon accounting as easy as possible so that others can concentrate on reducing their footprint. No more spreadsheets or struggling to find conversion factors, the Furniture Footprinter™ tool [developed by Anthesis] provides a full web-based solution backed up by the experience of Europe’s leading footprint specialists.

Bruce Lovell
Consultant, FIRA


Aritzia initially worked with Anthesis to set our environment baseline – which highlighted the areas to focus on in our sustainability strategy. Part of this process included using RiskHorizon™ to assess where and what the likely risks are in our raw material supply chains. We look forward to continuing collaborating with the apparel team to support our objectives.

Corporate Responsibility Director, Aritzia


We are delighted to be able to offer thousands of suppliers access to market-leading supply chain finance linked to sustainability. This programme not only provides suppliers with a real incentive to set science-based emissions reduction targets, it will help embed sustainability goals throughout our supply chain and support the UK in realising its climate change targets.

Ashwin Prasad
Tesco Chief Product Officer

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How SBTi’s Net Zero Standard Impacts Corporations

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Anthesis’s Tobias Parker is interviewed by John Davies, Sr VP & Analyst at GreenBiz 2022 to discuss how the Science Based Target initiative’s new Net Zero standard is making waves for organisations across the world.

Discover our latest Net Zero webinars

Mitigating climate risk through internal carbon pricing

Join us to find out how Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP) can help businesses to mitigate transitional risk by assigning a cost to carbon which can embed change by supporting decision making, promoting low carbon innovation, and facilitating behaviour change.

Understanding Your Emissions

Understanding your emissions is central to being able to take any action towards a lower-carbon future. However for many, getting to grips with what your emissions are and how they can be reduced or avoided is a difficult task.

The Science Based Target Initiative provides guiding principles to standardise corporate net zero targets to align with global climate goals, which can be harnessed to better understand emissions reductions opportunities.

Other organisations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and WRI are working towards alternative standardisations that can be utilised in managing your carbon impact.

Learn more about Science Based Target Setting

scope 1 2 and 3 diagram
Scope Emissions by Source

Our Net Zero Resources Library

Agriculture’s Role in a Net Zero Journey: The Opportunity and the Challenge

Agriculture & Net Zero

This webinar will support attendees in understanding what Net Zero means, what role food and agriculture have within Net Zero accounting, and the practical steps businesses can take to set them on the journey.


Supporting Net Zero Through a Circular Economy

Circular Scope 3

Cutting operational carbon and buying carbon offsets alone is not enough to reach Net Zero. We need to take action on material resources by transitioning to a circular economy.


Net Zero: Implementing an Internal Carbon Price

Net Zero

In this webinar, we looked at the current state of the market and how businesses are successfully utilising an internal carbon price to take action towards Net Zero. We discussed the challenges that businesses have faced when implementing the price within the business, including setting the price, quantification, and change management, and how to overcome […]


PPN 06/21 Guidance: Net Zero Commitments for UK Public Procurement

UK Business

Suppliers who bid for large UK Government contracts must now provide a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) detailing their commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050


Driving Behaviour Change for Net Zero in Local Communities – Wise Women in Waste Podcast Episode 5


In the fifth episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, our podcast hosts are joined by Councillor Donna Stimson of The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. The episode looks at Donna’s background in sustainability and her perspective on waste and resource efficiency as a councillor for a local community.


Embedding Net Zero into Local Authority Financial Appraisals

UK Local Authorities

15 July 2021 | Join us to hear our experiences of supporting local authorities to measure carbon impact and incorporate it into their decision making.


Activating Net Zero: From the Definition of an SBT to the Transformation of the World

Net Zero

[Spanish] 16 June 2021 | In this webinar, learn about the strategic framework to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, operations and supply chains to enable companies to achieve a Net Zero balance by 2050.


Wave Strategy Renovation: A Boost for the New Era of Sustainable and Circular Buildings

Net Zero

[Spanish] 30 June 2021 | In this webinar we will present the key principles for the comprehensive renovation of buildings between 2030 and 2050 and the options to accelerate this renovation.


Net Zero: The Benefits of Understanding your Climate Risk

Net Zero

Listen to this Net Zero webinar recording to hear how understanding your climate risk will allow your organisation to secure senior engagement, demonstrate resilience, seize opportunities, and integrate your climate response into your strategy.


Reaching Net Zero: Enabling a Circular Scope 3

Net Zero

In this Webinar, Anthesis experts share how to reach Net Zero by enabling a circular scope 3.


Net Zero for B Corporations™

Net Zero

Join B Lab UK and Anthesis for a Net Zero masterclass and learn how to get started on your Net Zero journey.


Net Zero: Utilising the Carbon Market to Deliver on Your Net Zero Goals

Net Zero

Join Anthesis for this Net Zero webinar to look at how organisations can engage effectively in the carbon market to meet both their net-zero goals and investment ambitions.


Going from SBTs to Net Zero – Activating for Impact

US Climate Action Week

This net-zero webinar covered sector-based tactics for going beyond your SBT, and tools like the internal carbon tax.


How to Net Zero: Planning for the Transition

Net Zero

In this webinar, Anthesis experts will draw on their experience of supporting many companies through their Net Zero journey to provide practical guidance on how businesses can take the first step in creating a coordinated Net Zero transition plan.


Strategies for Scope 3 Supplier Engagement Towards Net Zero Ambitions


Watch this breakout session recording to hear a discussion on scope 3 supplier engagement with guests from HanesBrands, Kimberley Clark and Campbell Soup Company.


Webinar: Empowering Suppliers to Help Deliver a Net-Zero Business

Net Zero

Net ZeroFor many industries the most challenging area in delivering the Net-Zero transition is the need to decarbonise supply chains and land use. Join senior business leaders to hear and share new ideas as to how a company can decarbonise their supply chain, in line with a Net-Zero ambition.


Webinar: How to Net Zero

Net Zero

As part of the Climate Week NYC program, Anthesis Group and Natural Capital Partners provided a practical discussion on understanding the latest approaches and selecting the right market instruments to fit your organisation’s Net Zero roadmap.


NET ZERO Agricultural GHG Emissions

Net Zero

This webinar explored carbon credits, an incentive that encourages farmers to embed sustainable best practice and generate new revenue opportunities as a result, and the potential pathway to achieving this evidence-based credit scheme for agriculture.


A Guide to Internal Carbon Pricing

Carbon Pricing

Explore our internal carbon pricing guide and learn more about the benefits and application of ICP in your business operations.


An Introduction to Managing Climate-related Financial Risks

Climate Risk

Watch the recording to hear more about the process of developing a carbon footprint, some of the approaches businesses are adopting to reduce their emissions, and our experience of helping companies to implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


Whitepaper: Estimating Energy Consumption & GHG Emissions for Remote Workers


With a large portion of the workforce still working from home, Anthesis has developed guidance on data collection and calculation approaches that may be broadly integrated into corporate inventory management processes to help estimate the energy use and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of remote workers.


SBTi’s Net Zero Target Criteria Draft

Net Zero

Anthesis provides a summary of the SBTi Net Zero criteria draft outlining proposed criteria for setting science-based net zero targets in the Corporate Sector.


Going from SBTs to Net Zero: Actions by Sector


Join this Greenbiz expo session to learn about sector-based tactics for going beyond your SBT, and tools like the internal carbon tax.


Mandatory Climate-Related Financial Disclosures for the UK


Anthesis provides insight into what new mandatory climate risk reporting means for UK organisations and what you can do to prepare


Using Technology to Drive Climate Action Planning | Co-hosted with Microsoft

Local Authority

Webinar: Co-hosted with Microsoft, this webinar will explore ways for local authorities to drive the green recovery through technology such as data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.


SBTi’s New Paper on Setting Science-Based Net Zero Targets in the Corporate Sector

Science-Based Targets

Learn about the 10 recommendations for companies setting science based net zero targets from the recent SBTi net-zero “Foundations” paper in this summary on the guiding principles to standardize corporate net zero targets to better align with the global transformation required to limit warming to 1.5 °C.


Net Zero by 2050 : The COVID-19 Impact

Net Zero

We have an urgent choice to make on how to direct our finance, technology and policies as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and aim for net zero carbon targets by 2050. How will COVID-19 impact our next steps, and which scenario will we choose?


Activating Net Zero: Podcast Series

Net Zero

What is Net Zero? Through our new Activating Net Zero podcast series, we explore – in bitesize episodes – what this means and how organisations can break this down into manageable actions, of avoiding, reducing, investing and innovating.


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