Anthesis Merges With Sustainability Advisory Firm Ndevr Environmental

Through governmental commitment and stakeholder pressures, we see regulatory and voluntary drivers laying strong foundations for growth in sustainability and ESG solutions. Matt and the Ndevr Environmental team are leading the way in providing the breadth of capabilities needed to succeed in this decarbonisation and sustainability transition. We have been impressed with the impact they are achieving for their clients in Australia and we are excited that both Anthesis and Ndevr Environmental share the same mission. I am delighted to welcome the team to Anthesis.

Stuart McLachlan CEO of Anthesis

Australia has rapidly shifted from an economy where our biggest emitters simply had to account for their emissions, to a place where aggressive decarbonisation is mandated under the Safeguard Mechanism reforms. To amplify our impact and meet the needs of business, we have merged with Anthesis, one of the world’s leading climate change and sustainability focussed advisory firm. Anthesis is a natural partner for Ndver Environmental, aligning on B Corp, impact as a measurement of climate action and a strong cultural fit. I am proud of what we have grown Ndevr Environmental to become and the amplified ambitions we can now set, as part of Anthesis, to guide more clients through the transition.

Matt Drum, Managing Director, Ndevr Environmental

Ndevr Environmental is a specialist climate change and human rights advisory firm dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net zero future. For over a decade, Ndevr Environmental has forged partnerships with companies and government entities to design innovative business-led solutions to meet the planet’s emerging challenges and ensure the sustainability and prosperity of Australian businesses. Skillfully transforming commitment into action, Ndevr Environmental’s expert team has a long track record of delivering excellence and helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint, address human rights and mitigate modern slavery.

In the transition to a decarbonised economy, Ndevr Environmental embeds meaningful and measurable impact for clients operating medium to large businesses, including some of Australia’s most well-known organisations. From Orica to Toyota, and the Australian Red Cross to Suncorp, Ndevr Environmental’s expertise traverses a wide range of industries — including Energy, Finance, FMGC, Health, Infrastructure, Travel & Tourism, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Government — powering the transition to an equitable, sustainable and regenerative future.