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Huw Blackwell

Technical Director

A Chartered Energy Engineer and Chair of the CIBSE CHP and District Heating group, Huw is the lead consultant on district heating in Anthesis. Huw has been working in the district heating industry for a number of years.

Huw is recognised as one of the UK’s leading luminaries in the district heating market and is regularly consulted by both industry bodies and government on the technicalities of communal and District Heating, CHP and other renewable heating systems, as well as the development of projects and of policy. He has worked both on the consultant engineering and local authority client side of district heating projects. Through four years of working on the Bunhill scheme, as well as surveying and consulting on multiple client sites he has developed a nuanced understanding of the development, construction and operational requirements which drive successful district heating schemes.

Huw has developed sophisticated in-operation engineering and financial models combining heat pump and CHP technologies with a focus on reducing flow and return temperatures to improve distribution efficiency (reducing static heat loss), whilst retaining higher temperature operation for peak energy transfer.

CIBSE – Design Guide: Heat networks (2021)
CIBSE – CP1: Heat networks: Code of Practice for the UK (2020)