Episode 30: The Lenses of Sustainable Design Thinking

6th July 2022

activating sustainability podcast series

In this Activating Sustainability episode, our host Chris Peterson is joined by Lemis Tarajano, Director of Product Sustainability and Green Chemistry at Anthesis, and Ana Espinosa, Packaging Sustainability Manager, to share their insights on sustainable product design.

chris peterson

Chris Peterson


lemis noya

Lemis Tarajano Noya

Inside this podcast

  • Disruptive-transformational business models.
  • Sustainable design metrics.
  • Life cycle design thinking.
  • Multi-functional collaboration within and across companies.
  • Human nature as a driver of disruptive change.
activating sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability | Ep 30: The Lenses of Sustainable Design Thinking

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