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Cirkulära lösningar och lösningar för uttjänta produkter

Integrera principerna för cirkulär ekonomi i din affärsmodell

A circular economy is an alternative to the traditional linear economy with “take-make-disposal”, which does not fully exploit the potential of many products and services. It could help deal with the climate crisis, reduce resource scarcity and dependence on disposable plastics and increase corporate sustainability.

It can be a challenge to embrace the circular economy mindset and implement it successfully in your business. We can help you integrate the principles of circular economy into the business model, identify opportunities and then improve your brand.


Our services can extend beyond a single organization. Anthesis facilitates and coordinates PCRRG, a member group for companies that address issues of sustainability in the supply chain for paper cups.

How we implement circular economy in your business model

  • Assessment and development of alternatives – achieved through initiatives such as research on best practices, stakeholder engagement and cost-benefit analyzes to improve your list of alternatives.
  • Trials and initiatives – implementation and development of trials to test the profitability of various alternatives for implementation throughout the company.
  • Strategy development – collaboration with key stakeholders to map a strategy based on the company’s results, ambitions and current business methods.
  • Certification – helps organizations achieve environmental certification and communicate their environmental footprint .
  • End-of-life solutions – Implementation and advice on end-of-life solutions to help customers achieve circularity in supply chains, including product return programs, recycling and reuse guidance, and waste audits.

The above list is not exhaustive when it comes to our services, and our expertise extends to topics such as waste management, plastics, packaging and the secondary raw material market.


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