Climate Certification

for companies, products & services
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Certify your commitment to ambitious reduction and take full responsibility to offset the remaining emissions. The Anthesis Climate Certification programme empowers businesses who measure, offset, and actively reduce their carbon footprint to communicate their pledge to create a sustainable future. Discover how your business can embrace this transformative journey towards net zero.

The Climate Certification Standard uses a structured method to accelerate towards zero CO2, on track with the Paris Agreement. All steps taken to reduce CO2 emissions and offset the remainder are independently tested against clear criteria by independent third parties, certification bodies. Depending on the certification scope, the Climate Neutral Certified label can be used for organisations, products, and services.

Why choose Climate Certification?

Climate policy often has unclear goals, a fragmented approach, and invisible results. With the Climate Neutral Certification Standard, you ensure that your climate policy matches globally agreed-upon goals and that it is consistently and firmly embedded in your organisation. You can also show the independently verified steps and meet all the strict criteria – that you calculated your CO2 emissions, reduced them in line with the global goals, and offset the rest with certified offsetting projects. 

Utilise our advanced tools to measure your entire carbon footprint, covering Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your environmental impact.

Move beyond mere offsets with our tailored reduction strategies. We work with you to identify and implement sustainable practices, driving active reductions in your carbon footprint. This mandatory in the standard and in line with global climate goals.

Implement effective offsetting strategies by investing in verified projects that remove or prevent an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions. We help you choose projects aligned with your values and objectives.

Navigate the Climate Certification process effortlessly with our guidance. From measurement to offsetting and reduction strategies, we streamline the steps, ensuring a smooth and successful certification journey. A yearly third party verification take place to test if you meet all criteria if you are on track wirh yoor net zero journey.

We are the world’s leading purpose driven, digitally enabled, science-based activator. And always welcome inquiries and partnerships to drive positive change together.