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Environmental Management

Developing best-practice environmental management plans that are both achievable and practical

Our team can go beyond concerns around environmental management and incorporate social and governance criteria in their work too.

The successful delivery of any project requires environmental impacts to be managed as part of an integrated process from the earliest stages of construction, through commissioning and testing, to operation and decommissioning.

The team at Anthesis have the technical expertise to develop best-practice environmental management plans that are both achievable and practical.

Our Environmental Management Plans services:

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Operation Environmental Management Plans (OEMP)
  • Decommissioning Environmental Management Plans (DEMP)
  • Ecological management plans
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Compliance audits and reporting
  • Regulatory monitoring and compliance reporting

Prior to environmental management, environmental impact assessments need to be carried out in order to initiate a plan.

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