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Low Carbon Heat and Power Solutions

Offering cleaner, more efficient onsite solution to your heating and electricity requirements

Focussing on your energy usage is the most commercially sensible first step on the journey to Net Zero.

Tackling energy use is essential for businesses and society to achieve emissions goals. 29% of the world’s energy is used in commercial and residential buildings.  Much of that is wasted through poor insulation, systems that do not take account of real-world usage or the use of outdated and inefficient heating or cooling technology.

Reducing energy usage is one of the cheapest, most credible, and effective ways that a company can rapidly reduce its emissions. Unlike offsetting, changing the way you consume and manage your energy can also be an opportunity for your business – saving you money and increasing your energy security.

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Zero Carbon Heat

We help clients reduce the emissions produced from heating their buildings.

We first look at ways that you can reduce the amount of heat that you lose through the fabric of your buildings, for instance, we assess the technical and commercial feasibility of replacing glazing and roof insulation, looking at government grants that may be available to pay for improvement works.

We then assess the condition and lifecycle of your current heating plant equipment, heating and control strategies, and the current thermal comfort conditions and whether temperatures can be reduced with little effect on the end-user.

We always keep in mind how you can future proof your systems and integrate them with any changes to the government’s heating policies.

Our services include:

  • Upgrading meter systems, including sub-metering for heat
  • Changing heat emitters (e.g. radiators) for lower temperature alternatives
  • Replacing control valves to regulate space temperature effectively on a zone-by-zone basis
  • Review pumping strategies and adopt variable flow systems where feasible
  • Revise control strategies to take advantage of efficiency benefits
  • Performance health checks and verification

Guide: Managing Energy Crises in Manufacturing

Discover practical steps for manufacturers to manage the energy trilemma; cost, decarbonisation, and security of supply.

Download the Energy Guide


Zero Carbon Power

We help clients reduce their emissions from electricity consumption. 

First, we analyse your current equipment to see if we can introduce greener technology, such as LED lighting, to reduce your electricity usage. We also look at smarter ways of controlling your electricity usage through Building Management Systems so that you can reduce consumption without affecting the end-user.

Then we look at ways that you can become less reliant on the grid by producing your own energy onsite, such as installing solar PV, solar thermal or wind turbines. This can reduce wastage through transmission and distribution and insulate you from price rises from the major energy producers. We also look at green energy contracts as we know that most clients cannot become fully energy self-sufficient. For some larger clients, we recommend battery storage solutions to time-shift demand and take advantage of Time Of Use tariffs which can help increase investment returns.

Our services include:

  • Review of supply arrangements, including High Voltage infrastructure and supply points
  • Condition and lifecycle assessment of installed electrical switchgear and equipment
  • Opportunities for voltage optimisation and power quality improvements
  • Survey of installed embedded generation and effectiveness


Anthesis have provided practical and sound assistance, support and advice to deliver real-world technical solutions from inception to completion.

Tim Ingram
Property Improvement Manager, Housing & Care 21
Housing & Care 21

Your [Communal Heating Options Appraisal] report was exactly what we required. It informed us and enabled us to make a better decision that wouldn’t have been possible without it. Your response was everything we could have expected – polite, timely and professional.

Richard Jarratt
Bristol & Anchor Almshouse

Supporting the Inter-American Development Bank to Release Green Hydrogen Report

Climate Report

Anthesis is pleased to have supported the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to release its latest report on the Environmental, Health, Safety, and Social Management of Green Hydrogen in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Low Carbon Heating for East Devon District Council


East Devon District Council set the objective to provide low carbon heating to 12,000 homes in the local area and to support the growth of a new area, Cranbrook New Town.


A Guide to the UK Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES)


Find out more about the UK Heat Network Efficiency Scheme, how to apply, and how Anthesis can support you in your application


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