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Waste Audit and Analytics

We work with companies across the globe to analyse their waste using in-depth waste analytics and waste audits.

civiwaste waste analytics software for local councils

Anthesis also supports clients through a range of waste analytics software and tools, including: CIVIwaste, a mobile app and web application to help local councils transform and improve their public services through citizen co-responsibility and incentives. Citizens can register and record their actions in regard to recycling and disposal, receive recommendations from the city council, obtain discounts and bonuses and report waste crime.                                                                                                                                ‘Vastum, Anthesis’ smart tracking solution for waste. The tool can revolutionises waste analytics data by recording waste movements from the producer to its final destination and fate, helping to reduce waste crime’.

The factors driving the switch to more sustainable processes are coming from a variety of sources – consumer pressure, regulatory compliance, supply chain risks, and sustainability commitments. Organisations are also recognising the financial benefits of reducing waste and developing more efficient measures.

We work with companies across the globe to analyse their waste, from materials sourcing through to end-of-life, using in-depth waste analytics and waste audits.

Our Waste Audit and Analytics Services:

  • Supply chain and waste management audits – with enhanced duty of care assessments to comply with Waste Framework regulations and the waste hierarchy of re-use, recycling, recovery and disposal. We can support you with a waste management audit of the waste produced by your company and its supply chain.
  • Provision of waste custody chain reports – using in-depth analytics on waste management we collect information on waste volumes, collection and treatment practice and percentage re-used, recycled and recovered. We also provide waste, carbon, resource and energy efficiency evaluation and reporting.
  • Site waste profiling – we analyse the amount and type of waste generated by your business sites and model the factors causing increased waste generation and lower recycling rates. We use this information to identify sites which have more efficient waste management practices and to codify best practice within your business.
  • Gap analysis – to evaluate the circular economy opportunities, identify business interventions, and develop strategic business options to improve reuse, recycling and recovery performance.
  • Circular economy support – we can support you with waste management audits, waste contract service procurement, feasibility studies for on-site waste management options, business plans, investment analysis and circularity partner searches, to recommend new ways to implement circular economy principles and practices within your business.
  • Site audits – we complete site audits to identify short and long-term opportunities to reduce and recover waste from warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
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Anthesis has a solid track record of contributing meaningfully to the advancement of the 'resource management' sector through the work it delivers for governments, businesses and other high profile clients.

Paul Vanston

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