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  • Zurich
    8008 Zurich, Switzerland
    +41 76 445 4942
  • Geneva
    Rue de la Scie 7, 1207 Genève, Switzerland

At Anthesis, our diverse team of consultants and researchers collaborates with clients to ensure responsible stakeholder engagement in global activities. With on-the-ground intelligence and deep regional expertise, we empower our partners to uphold human rights, combat corruption, trace and recover assets, and ultimately contribute positively to society. Within our organisation, two distinct entities, Wallbrook and Charlescannon, both part of Anthesus specialise in a wide range of expertise and services to support our mission.

Wallbrook, an integral part of the Anthesis family, offers expertise in Investigative Due Diligence, Political Risk assessment, Asset Tracing, and ESG Advisory services. These areas have consistently received top-tier rankings from Chambers & Partners in their Crisis & Risk Management guide, with Investigative Due Diligence earning a coveted tier one ranking for three consecutive years.

Charlescannon, another member of the Anthesis Group, embodies our commitment to “Add creativity to what the world needs.” Based in Geneva, Charlescannon is a creative agency that partners with purpose-driven global brands, businesses, and international organizations. With a team of 40 multi-talented individuals united under one roof, they excel in creating transformative change through award-winning campaigns, branding, reporting, and consultancy. What sets Charlescannon apart is their profound understanding of supply chains and extensive industry experience, spanning sectors such as food and beverage, healthcare, fashion, and finance.

Together, Wallbrook and Charlescannon, as part of Anthesis, bring a comprehensive suite of services and expertise to support responsible global engagement, creativity, and positive impact across various sectors.


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