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Anthesis Group Activates Sustainability Through New Purpose and Approach

November 25, 2019 | News,

Launching new initiatives and partnerships to make sustainability happen

London, 25 November 2019.  The UN is calling the next ten years the ‘decisive decade’ when ambitious action is needed to deliver sustainable development. Others stress it must happen sooner. In a society driven by talk and in a state of inertia, Anthesis Group today announces its new purpose, to activate a more productive and resilient world, and its approach to achieving this.

As the largest dedicated team of sustainability professionals in the world, Anthesis’ 600+ experts have a significant role to play in making sustainability happen and to stand firm behind its new positioning of being the sustainability activator. To deliver on its purpose and pursuit for faster change, Anthesis has developed its ‘Activator Approach’ methodology, Anthesis Ventures, the Anthesis Client Network, and a new partnership with arctic explorer Martin Hartley.

“Our new direction will transform organisational sustainability ambitions, making them simpler, integrated and commercial.”

Anthesis CEO Stuart McLachlan said: “Sustainability is often treated as a remote, complex and costly agenda, failing to drive real impact and leaving organisations lagging and exposed. Our new direction will transform organisational sustainability ambitions, making them simpler, integrated and commercial, and ultimately empowering our clients to deliver a more productive and resilient world.”

Working at the corporate strategy level or for solving specific operational problems, the Activator Approach is Anthesis’ three-stage methodology for delivering sustainable performance. From actionable insights to effective strategies and scalable impacts, the Activator Approach combines the right expertise and tools across a proven, end-to-end logic of change. This model empowers multi-expert teams to design and deploy solutions that activate sustainable organisations, cities, communities and citizens.

New Initiatives and Partnerships

Alongside working with some of the world’s largest companies, Anthesis also recognises the benefit in supporting early-stage companies who can equally lead the transition to a clean and sustainable economy. Anthesis Ventures was created to maximise the group’s impact by investing in or partnering with, early to growth-stage companies that share its purpose. Companies selected to invest in or partner with must create stakeholder value across all forms of stakeholder capital and by significantly contributing to advancing the sustainable development goals.

This new initiative will help start-ups build and scale their products, services and solutions through the expertise provided by Anthesis. In addition, Anthesis Ventures will also seek to develop in-house software and solutions for clients and bring them to market at scale.

Given the increased criticality of sustainability issues, having access to trusted information, credible insights and renowned experts is even more paramount. To address this, Anthesis Client Network (ACN), an online community of clients, partners and related groups, is offered free to clients. The portal facilitates peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and innovation, with guidance from the global network of Anthesis experts.

Following on from Anthesis’ London Climate Action Week event in July with leading arctic explorer Martin Hartley, Anthesis has reinforced its support of Martin’s dedication to the ice-diminishing Arctic and the role it plays as the world’s air conditioning unit. Anthesis is proud to be the Data and Analytics Partner for the 2020 Last Ice Sentinels Expedition to the Arctic in March, responsible for analysing, visualising and communicating the data collected from the expedition.

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