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Carbon Offsetting

Reach your climate targets by offsetting the emissions you can’t avoid or reduce

Carbon offsets plays a vital role in a Net Zero pathway, our systematic approach is as follows:

unnecessary emissions
what cannot be avoided
what cannot be reduced


Compensate your organisation’s remaining footprint

At Anthesis, we know carbon offsetting is complex – and approaching it in the wrong way can be both ineffectual and damaging.

This is why we are using our decades of combined experience with Climate Neutral Group (CNG), part of Anthesis Group, to develop and deliver credible offsetting projects for businesses and organisations. We help the world’s leading organisations to get offsetting right. To avoid these reputational risks, we utilise 20+ years of carbon finance expertise to ensure our global clients feel confident when considering carbon offsets.

Offsetting is supported by Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which validate it as a hugely important part of an organisation’s climate strategy. Taking immediate action through offsetting can enable to your company to reduce residual carbon, meet its Net Zero targets and reach the goals set out by the Paris Agreement.

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Reach your climate targets with confidence

Our experts will support you through each step of your Net Zero journey, to ensure your organisation is ‘on track’ in reducing its carbon impact.



Reduce what you can

The first step to allow your organisation to reach its climate targets is to act through emissions reduction and avoidance options. Reduction is the first and most important solution for tackling climate change. A reduction strategy and plan will help your company to reach tangible climate targets.

Become a leader by offsetting your carbon footprint and support an industry-leading carbon reduction project.

Find out more about how to reach Net Zero

Offset what you can’t

The next step is tackling the emissions that cannot be reduced or avoided – which means carbon offsetting.

Anthesis supports companies to offset their carbon impact, with guaranteed CO2 reductions, through a range of technology-based, and nature-based programmes within the Voluntary Carbon Market. We provide options for both Reduction / Avoidance Credits, as well as Carbon Removal Credits.

We are one of the world’s leading experts in the development of soil carbon or carbon nature removals projects.

We guarantee that the credits you purchase genuinely contribute to a reduction in carbon. This claim is verified by independent, internationally recognised agencies, who confirm that our projects meet precisely defined standards.

Afforestation Project
Miaoling, China


Explore our offsetting projects

From protecting 90,000 hectares of rainforest in Brazil to providing clean energy to rural households in India, the projects we support span four continents and meet the highest international standards set by ICROA.

These projects have been developed in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, meaning that they not only facilitate offsetting; they also support local communities across the world.

Agroforestry Projects

Builds a sustainable farming model for generations to come.
Find out more

Landfill Gas Projects

Capture & turn waste-related methane and other GHGs into clean energy.
Find out more

Forest Conservation Projects

Combat climate change by reducing deforestation and protecting biodiversity.
Find out more

years of climate action

organisations helped with CO2 reduction

footprints calculated

M tonnes of
CO2 offset

Working with industry-leaders


At BBVA, we have a firm commitment to accompany our clients towards a low carbon economy and with a focus on the SDGs. Carbon offsetting through Anthesis is yet another example of the joint work carried out by BBVA as an organisation in the fight to care for the environment and in the transition towards a more sustainable world

Hernan Carboni
Director of Institutional Relations
BBVA, Argentine

Anthesis' team are like the wild card of the call to contests; when you need then, they are always there, and they give you solutions, professionalism, innovation, trust and the tranquility of a job well done.

Josep Lluis Guiu
Global Head of Sustainability Management System
Cellnex Telecom

Danone offests the emissions that 'Font Vella' e-commerce generates during transport. This milestone is part of Font Vella's commitment to sustainability and to moving towards a circular production model, and from our platform we want to reflect these values.

Gonzalo Raventos
Direct to Consumer E-commerce

Mitigate your contribution to climate change

Our carbon offset programmes are suitable for organisations wanting to take responsibility (or compensate) for their residual (or unabated) emissions. By investing and supporting a certified carbon offset project, you are mitigating your organisation’s contribution to climate change.

Trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, from NGOs to global brands, Anthesis develops and supports technology and nature-based offsetting projects within the Voluntary Carbon Market.


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