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Verified Carbon Offsetting

Take effective climate action to offset the emissions you can’t yet reduce or avoid

Carbon standards assure that a carbon credit is real, additional and verifiable through a set of rules and requirements which all projects must follow in order to be certified/verified.

We guarantee that the credits you purchase genuinely contribute to a reduction in carbon. This claim is verified by independent, internationally recognised agencies, who confirm that our projects meet precisely defined standards.


Neutralise your Organisation’s Remaining Carbon Footprint

We work with progressive leaders to offset their carbon emissions as part of their journey to becoming Net Zero.

While avoiding and reducing your emissions should be the first steps in becoming a Net Zero business, residual emissions will often remain.

In this case, offsetting is the only way to achieve your zero-carbon target and reach the goals set in the Paris Agreement. ​ Carbon offsetting is not the answer to the problem, but should be part of the solution.

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Our Impact

4 Continents
with active climate projects

12 Million Tonnes
of CO2e offset

2.1 Million Tonnes
offset in 2021 alone

How does offestting fit in with your climate strategy?

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Our Strategic Focus


Mangrove Restoration / Blue Carbon


Regenerative Agriculture


Water & Sanitation


Methane From Landfill


Anthesis supports companies to offset their carbon impact, with guaranteed CO2 reductions, through a range of technology-based, and nature-based programmes within the Voluntary Carbon Market. We provide options for both Reduction / Avoidance Credits, as well as Carbon Removal Credits.

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Why Offset?

Invest in climate projects that reduce the CO2 produced elsewhere and reap the benefits of enhanced reputation, improved risk mitigation, improved business continuity, and future proofing against regulatory changes

  • create an impact that goes beyond the climate and also contributes to the UN’s Social Development Goals (SDGs).
  • the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) enables the private sectors to take climate action ahead of and beyond regulation and accelearates the transition to Net Zero

Climate Finance, including carbon offsetting, is at the heart of the ‘invest’ part of Anthesis’ Net Zero Framework, which outlines four key areas for organisations to consider on the path to Net Zero.

Explore our Certified Carbon Offset Projects across Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.

We support certified carbon offsetting projects across the world, with active projects in China, Turkey, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, the Netherlands, Eritrea, Cambodia and Nigeria.

About our Carbon Standards

Anthesis Group offers climate projects that meet the VCS or Gold Standard. Delivered by Climate Neutral Group (part of Anthesis Group), our ICROA membership, the International Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Alliance, ensures that offsetting through our projects meets the highest quality criteria.

Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is the most widely used standard in CO2 reduction projects involving voluntary offsetting and is supported by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Gold Standard (GS) is the original standard for carbon projects, with the aim of supporting projects that not only comply with the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) but also offer a quantifiable contribution to sustainable development via various SDGs

ICROA – This worldwide coalition is committed to creating a transparent and high-quality carbon offsetting market. We actively offer and perform carbon footprint reduction calculations in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and use carbon credits in line with standards recognised by the ICROA.

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