Anthesis supported Pownall and Hampson to deliver an ESG Action Plan

“The team at Pownall and Hampson were delighted to work with Anthesis to develop an ESG Action Plan. Anthesis’s dedication to understanding our needs was evident throughout the process. The on site workshop was especially beneficial, sparking insightful discussion on how ESG would align to our company’s values and overall business strategy. As a team we thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope to work with Anthesis in the future.”

– Ben Stevenson, Director, ACA, Finance, Pownall & Hampson

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Pownall and Hampson, a textile and bedding products manufacturer based in Dublin, Ireland had been implementing sustainability practices for a number of years but were looking for support and direction to apply a more strategic approach to their work. They also wanted to understand which regulations would impact the business and how they might respond, how peers and customers were approaching sustainability, and where they could drive the most impact as a medium-sized business in the textile and homewares sector..  


Anthesis supported Pownall and Hampson with the following steps to deliver an ESG Action Plan.
  • Landscape and Regulatory Review: Pownall and Hampson gained a deeper understanding of ESG in the landscape it operates in and the international and national regulations that impact its operations. During this process Pownall and Hampson learned about the strategic focus areas of its peers and key customers which helped the company to identify key ESG-related risks and opportunities existing in the broader value chain.
  • ESG ‘Health-check’: An ESG Health Check was carried out to review existing practices against various ESG topic areas (such as Raw Materials, Carbon Emissions, Supply Chain Management) and the progress Pownall and Hampson had made. This process also allowed the company to identify areas for improvement across key topical areas.
  • Action Plan Workshop: The company’s management team participated in a workshop where these topics, risks and opportunities were discussed and prioritised building the foundations for the company’s strategic framework.
  • ESG Strategy Action Plan: Anthesis used the learnings from the first phases to develop a bespoke ESG a strategic framework and an action plan consisting of a series of short- to long-term activities to embed sustainability across the business. Pownall & Hampson’s ESG framework was aligned to specific Sustainable Development Goals that align closely with the business’ values and aspirations.


The strategic framework and action plan provided Pownall and Hampson a bespoke roadmap for embedding sustainability into their business, in the areas where it can make the biggest impact.

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