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Conducting Carbon Literacy Training for Autoglym

November 18, 2022 | Case Study,

“The training was engaging, relevant and thought provoking. We have now rolled this training out to increasing numbers of our team and can confidently say we have truly started our environmental journey.”
Paul Caller, CEO, Autoglym


Autoglym is a leading car care manufacturer. The company wanted to embed sustainability into its company culture with the aim to bring it to the forefront of its employees’ agenda and to highlight the benefit of shared environmental responsibility.


Anthesis was commissioned to support Autoglym’s sustainability journey by rolling out Carbon Literacy Training across its employee-base, including members of the board.

Bespoke content was created for the training, tailored specifically to the car care and manufacturing sector, with relevant peer case studies and examples of key customer expectations on carbon reduction.


Autoglym can now apply to become a Silver Level Carbon Literate Organisation due to the number of employees who are now Carbon Literate.

Employees have reported a change in their behaviour to support Autoglym’s move toward carbon reduction.


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