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Energy Services – Social Housing Track Record

April 29, 2019 | Case Study,

“Anthesis have provided practical and sound assistance, support and advice to deliver real-world technical solutions from inception to completion”

We are proud of our long-established track record working with social housing providers. Here are just a few of the projects we’ve undertaken to help reduce their energy consumption, fuel costs and carbon emissions. 

SAP Modelling and Tenant Engagement

Following the installation of energy efficiency measures at a number of Sanctuary Housing Association’s properties, we conducted on-site tenant surveys and monitored energy bills over an 18 month period. We also completed an RdSAP modelling exercise, the results of which were analysed in detail alongside the feedback from tenants in order to determine the return on investment and tenant experience of energy efficiency works. The findings of the analysis demonstrated a strong correlation between tenant satisfaction and perceived bills savings, regardless of actual bill savings. Through these findings we were able to make a recommendation on the order of priority for future works; balancing cost, SAP improvement, tenant  experience and energy bill savings.

Funded Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation

Network Homes identified the need to implement energy conservation measures in a large number of properties across London and Hertfordshire in order to reduce fuel bills for residents and mitigating the risk of fuel poverty. Through a series of sample surveys, we concluded that loft and cavity wall insulation was the most beneficial measure to install. We then project managed the installation of loft insulation in 1,367 homes and cavity wall insulation in 66 homes, utilising our national network of approved contractors to deliver an efficient and nondisruptive service. In addition, we also organised Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding for qualifying installs. In total, the programme saves residents £166,671 a year on their energy bills and to date, the programme has saved 12,882 tonnes of CO2.

Plant Room and Heat Network Efficiency

We worked with Great Yarmouth Borough Council to improve the efficiency and longevity of their heat networks, providing optimal heating for residents and eliminating cold spots. The project involved an options appraisal to evaluate the viability of a range of technologies including solar thermal and biomass boilers before specifying and project managing the installation of high efficiency condensing boilers. As a result, Great Yarmouth Borough Council achieved energy savings of 34% and cost savings of over £3,000 per annum.

Sustainability Strategy

We worked with Red Kite Housing Association to produce a sustainability strategy. The project began with stock wide SAP modelling to create a baseline. Theoretical works scenarios were then applied to the stock to review the impact of retrofitting different energy efficiency measures. Through this process, we determined that a combination of fabric, heating and renewables could move most properties out of the worst-performing energy rating bands of E and F. A detailed sustainability strategy document was then created with a strong focus on fuel poverty reduction and implementing measures which constituted the lowest cost per SAP point increase.

Flange and Value Insulation

We worked with Anchor Housing Association to supply and fit individually measured and manufactured insulation covers across a number of plant rooms. The insulation reduced wasteful heat loss, lowering fuel consumption and energy costs whilst achieving consistent internal comfort conditions for residents and staff.

Thermal Fabric and Heating Specification

We were commissioned to complete a thermal fabric and heating specification across all archetypes of Yorkshire Housing Association’s (YHA) stock. YHA wanted a standard works specification which set out under what circumstances insulation should be installed and which accompanying heating technology should be implemented. In order to achieve this, we completed a detailed programme of site surveys and options analysis, we then created a decision tree to enable the correct investment decisions to be made and provided specifications for all works combinations recommended.

High and Low Rise Block Modelling

We surveyed 67 high and low rise housing blocks across Bristol City Council in order to model alternative heat and power solutions and insulation options for each block. To support the project we created a stock performance matrix and prioritisation order with a strategy for improvement down to the individual block level. We also delivered financing solutions, support funding and a works action plan for all blocks.

Tenant Behaviour Change Programme

We conducted a tenant engagement energy efficiency programme for 913 of Golden Gates Housing Trusts most vulnerable tenants. Tenants received a home visit from one of our domestic energy assessors who spoke to them about their energy use habits and bills. Through these visits, tenants were given bespoke practical advice to encourage behavioural change and reduce their energy usage. An analysis of the results of this project concluded that for every £1 spent on traditional stock investment work the energy efficiency savings for customers was 10p, but for every £1 spent on the behaviour change programme the estimated
savings to customers was £4.98.

Heat Network Consultancy

A number of Housing & Care 21’s new build properties had unexpected and unwelcome performance gaps in terms of their energy use, heat delivery and maintenance costs. We were therefore commissioned to investigate these issues and implement heat network upgrades at over 70 sites, arranging more than £35,000 worth of ECO funding to support the works.

Energy Efficient Lighting

We worked with Homes in Sedgemoor to assess the energy efficiency of their lighting. Through free technical site surveys, we found that the incumbent fluorescent and halogen lighting was energy inefficient and presented a good opportunity for improvement. We, therefore, recommended an LED lighting solution with improved integrated controls, supported by a robust business case which demonstrated a lifetime return on investment of 800%. Installation of the new lighting scheme took just two days to complete under the supervision of a dedicated project manager, minimising disruption to residents and as a result of
the works, lighting demand reduced by 87%.

A Word From a Client:

“Anthesis have provided practical and sound assistance, support and advice to deliver real-world technical solutions
from inception to completion” – Housing & Care 21

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