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Supporting Sanctuary to Reach Net Zero for Blacon Adventure Playground

October 26, 2022 | Case Study,
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Sanctuary, a leading national housing and care provider, wanted to consider how to retrofit its Blacon Adventure Playground site in Chester to reach Net Zero. The playground is a popular attraction with local families, offering facilities for both indoor and outdoor play.

Sanctuary required specialist Net Zero decarbonisation advice on how to technically approach the retrofit works and decide which combination of measures would have the most significant carbon reduction impact. The client also required support to engage and educate users on energy efficiency.

Anthesis was commissioned to complete a detailed options appraisal assessment to identify the carbon baseline and model the combinations of retrofit work measures that were viable for the organisation and centre and that could maximise the carbon reduction benefits.

Following this, Anthesis produced the technical design specifications for the following technologies:

  • Heat pumps
  • LED lighting with controls
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels

Anthesis then calculated the residual carbon emissions and provided Sanctuary with advice on how to offset to reach Net Zero. This was completed alongside other recommendations such as installing beehives, rainwater harvesting and other sustainability measures.

Finally, Anthesis produced an interactive and engaging sustainability game for the centre and project with the aim to educate users about Net Zero, the environmental benefits of the project and the wider context of decarbonisation.

Janine Crockett, Head of Property Sustainability at Sanctuary, said:

“Sustainability is fundamental to everything we do at Sanctuary, and we’re committed to making a long-term positive difference for our residents and in our local communities.

“We were impressed with the support and expertise that Anthesis provided and are delighted at the outcomes of the project. We’ve already reduced carbon emissions at the playground by more than five tonnes a year, which will have a significant impact, and we’ve seen real enthusiasm within the local community to learn more about climate change and how everyone can make a difference.”

Sanctuary completed the retrofit of Blacon Adventure Playground, its first Net Zero carbon retrofit project. The interactive materials produced by Anthesis were used to engage the local community and educate both adults and children about the climate crisis and the decarbonisation project.

The project was subsequently recognised at the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2022, winning third place in the Multi-measure Project of the Year category.

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