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The Lifecycle Challenges of Decarbonising Real Estate

29 Mar 2022 | Event, Webinar,

This webinar by Anthesis and Etude explored the top 10 key considerations when improving sustainable performance in the built environment, including:

  • Energy price volatility
  • The urgent need to move away from fossil fuels
  • The evolving definition of net zero carbon buildings
  • Embodied carbon – the emerging challenge
  • The rise of long-term retrofit plans
  • The world is going electric
  • The rise of the heat pump
  • Natural capital and new biodiversity metrics
  • Guaranteeing performance
  • Adaptation


Tuesday 29th March | 4-5 pm (BST)

The built environment is responsible for approximately 25 per cent of global CO2 emissions. To meet targets to limit global warming to 1.5C degrees, it is essential to improve the energy performance of existing building stock and standards for new buildings. But for real estate managers, property owners and developers, navigating the challenges of managing costs, realising design intent, while delivering sustainable performance can often be complex.

Watch now:


Ben Lynch Huw Blackwell
Ben Lynch, Director, Anthesis Huw Blackwell, Technical Director, Anthesis Thomas Lefevre, Director, Etude


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