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Episode 7: Circularity – Featuring Special Guests From Merck KGaA

January 22, 2020 | Podcast,

The Activating Sustainability podcasts look at a host of sustainability topics, unpacking the issues, dissecting the solutions and inspiring others to share in our vision.

This month’s podcast host, Lisa Grice, is joined by special guests from the life sciences division of multinational Merck KGaA and Anthesis colleague Richard Peagam to discuss all things circular economy.

Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability | Ep 7: Circularity Featuring Special Guests

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They explore how a company can get started on:

  • Figuring out how to reduce waste in their supply chain while simultaneously maximising its value.
  • Considering how a product can be more circular by extending lifespan,  becoming more resource efficient and replacing raw materials with secondary alternatives
  • Understanding which new business models actually present a risk to your business, those that present an opportunity, and the process of driving forward change.

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