Unlocking Sustainability Goals with Circular Business Models

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One of the world’s largest global retailers recently set an ambitious circularity goal: having 100% of owned brand products be designed for a circular future by 2040.

Successfully achieving this requires the development of synergistic relationships between products and systems – circularity cannot be achieved with just product or business design, but with both being considered in relation to one another and, most importantly, in the context of the consumer experience.


To support this circularity goal, Anthesis identified opportunities for circular business models that would solve pain points for customers, enable and scale new sources of revenue, and create systems for closed-loop recycling.

We designed the customer experience, the operations model, the selection of service providers to support implementation, and a three-year, pro-forma profit and loss (P&L) statement for four circular business models.


The design and recommendations provided by Anthesis led to the retailer receiving executive-level buy-in, allowing them to move forward with the implementation of the models.

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