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It’s our Birthday!

September 26, 2017 | News,

We’re celebrating our fourth year of delivering business value for a better world. We’re incredibly proud of our growth to date, as well as the many milestones we’ve achieved in such a short period of time.

Anthesis started as an idea that in-between the large multi-disciplinary consulting firms, where sustainable solutions are merely a bolt-on to a different core business and the small local ‘boutique’ firms, was uncongested space for a specialist to operate. We are a global and local firm, dedicated to assembling the expertise and delivery capacity to support organisations migrating from high carbon and unsustainable models and markets to low carbon and sustainable futures.

Our short history, combined with the much longer history of the businesses we’ve acquired, has reinforced our view that the market wants an implementation partner that can operate at the nexus of sustainability and technology, with the ability to deliver solutions to mainstream business.

Luckily, the 250 people who have joined the Group in the last four years have a shared passion for this mission and have been able to unite behind this common vision.

On our fourth birthday, Stuart McLachlan, Chief Executive of the Anthesis Group, said:

“In the next 30 years businesses, cities and nations will need to go through transformational change in response to risk and opportunity related to climate impact, sustainable use of resources and the creation of shared value. Solutions will require the amalgamation and collaboration of deep technical expertise, deployed practically and commercially across borders and using technology to enable delivery at scale.

Unlike many other organisations, each individual and each office in Anthesis is a gateway to a global resource pool. We are driven by our ability to deliver a positive impact for our clients. Our horizontal axis is as strong as our vertical axis and we empower our staff to do the right thing by our clients and by their friends and colleagues that they work with.”

So, what progress have we made since 2013?

  • We have acquired 10 specialist businesses across Europe, North America and the Middle East.
  • We have continually and organically grown by over 25% year on year, with the recruitment of some of the leading minds in our sector.
  • We are present in 10 countries and across four continents, and deliver work to over 50 countries around the globe.
  • We now deliver in excess of 4000 projects each year, a testament to our people’s unrivalled work ethic and commitment to sustainability.
  • We have developed our own IP in the form of the Anthesis Compliance Suite.
  • We have established ourselves as market leaders by providing robust commercial sustainability advice and solutions, underpinned by evidence backed analytics and world-class software solutions.
  • We have been externally recognized by the Sunday Times FastTrack 100 and London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ in 2017.
  • We have established tremendous financial support, coupled with strong performance that will fuel future growth.
  • We’ve continued to ‘walk the talk’ by publishing our first United Nations Communication on Progress report, demonstrating our own internal commitment to transparent reporting and sustainability.
  • ….and finally, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Crewe and Luc Albert, two world-class and renowned business leaders, who join Anthesis as Board Directors.

We are very excited for what lies ahead and look forward to our next 12 months.

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