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Julian Parfitt

Technical Director, UK

Dr Julian Parfitt is Technical Director at Anthesis with nearly 40 years’ experience within the sustainability sector working on circular economy and resource efficiency issues. He is an acknowledged international expert in the field of food loss and waste as well as within the broader field of resource efficiency metrics and reporting.

In recent years he has played an important role in the development of UK and international research into food waste. His highly cited paper on the topic of food waste in global food supply chains foreshadowed the development of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. He has carried out a number of key strategic roles, including as a member of the United Nations Environment Expert Group on SDG Indicator 12.3.1, team leader on UK Government’s Foresight Review ‘Future of Food and Farming’ (2010) and working with the House of Lords as Specialist Adviser on their review of European food waste prevention policy (2014).

Julian has a PhD in Environmental Policy (University of East Anglia), MSc in Environmental Technology (Imperial College) and has published widely on food loss and waste issues in peer reviewed journals, the trade press and within the technical literature. He is a Fellow of the RSA and an active member of the its Sustainability Network.